Buying Lingerie: A Guide for Men

Buying lingerie for your partner can be a little bit daunting if you’ve not done it before. After all, getting her something that doesn’t suit her body type or personal style can be punished. With this in mind, it’s important to take the time to find something that’s perfect for her, and if you do, you shall be rightfully rewarded… So, where do you start? Well if there is one rule of thumb when buying lingerie, it’s get her size right. If you buy something too small, she will know you didn’t do your homework (but she may be flattered); if you buy something too big, you’re in deep trouble because that means you think that she’s bigger than what she actually is – cue lots of shouting and screaming!

Men's Lingerie

To find the best fit of lingerie for her body type, you need to do your research by checking out her underwear drawer (like you haven’t already) and examining the labels. Unfortunately guys it doesn’t work in simply S, M and L. You will need her bra cup size and her underwear size and if you are buying stockings, keep in mind that they come in different sizes based on height and she may be a different size on top compared to sizing on bottom. If your girl loves cutesy fluffy knickers, buying her a black leather corset probably won’t go down too well. Style is important – so get it right; as much as she will enjoy your thoughtfulness, if she doesn’t like it, the lingerie will more than likely sit unused at the back of her underwear drawer and you will never get the benefit of seeing her all sexed up!

Final Thoughts:

So the trick is to do your research… we obviously believe the naughtier the better but every girl is different. Fortunately we’ve got a wide selection of lingerie available so there’s always something for everyone! Click here to find the perfect lingerie for that special lady.

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