Introducing Sensation Play into a Sexual Relationship

When we think of the words fetish, kink and bondage our mind immediately goes to spanking, rope restraints and other forms of harder play. Though, fetishes are so much broader and that’s great! The trick is to keep your mind open and you can explore all sorts! Bring on sensation play! There’s nothing particularly new about sensations. We literally live our lives through them. Think of how life changing they can be. Now apply that to sex. Be prepared for a new wave of sensational pleasure!

Sensation Play:

Do you like it gentle or rough? Don’t fear, sensation play can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a really stimulating way to create all sorts of new feelings within a sexual relationship. It’s great to have an open conversation about what you’re wanting from the particular session. The great thing is you’ve got options! Hot wax dripping down one’s belly, a zap of electricity between two sexual beings. Whatever you choose.

How to introduce it

What’s really nice about sensation play is it’s really easy to introduce. You can get relatively cheap sets (unless electrical play is your thing, that’s a bit more expensive). Sensation play tends to play on intimate scenarios anyway. For example, using a feather tickler is a really easy way to integrate sensations into everyday bedroom scenarios. Especially if you compare it to other sorts of play like rope bondage. The amount of knots and positions is bound to get even the most experienced bondage connoisseurs slightly confused!

Types of Sensation Play:

Up for experimenting? What to introduce first? There are some really great options. Here’s a couple.


The power of touch is enticing. It’s the basis of all sexual relationships. However you can ramp it up! Introducing items like a feather duster enhances the power of touch through that tickling sensation. Tickling isn’t normally associated with a sexual relationship. We normally think of laughter and comedy not hot kinky sex. Though that complete meltdown your body goes into when being tickled is lustful. You lose all aspects of power. It verges on tortuous and that’s sexy as!

Satin Floggers:

Floggers, paddles and crops. We know what’s going through your head. Impact Play! You’re correct. Though pain is a sensation and a kinky one at that! Creating a stingy feeling is very common in sensation play. That’s why Satin Floggers are really popular. It’s not about the actual impact that’s important but the sweet stinging sensation sent shooting down the body. Pretty orgasmic!

Temperature Play:

We’ve all been to a restaurant and have touched the hot plate after being warned by the waiter. Playing with temperature is thrilling! It doesn’t matter if it's hot or cold, there's an element of danger and what could be more exciting! The great thing about introducing temperature play to a relationship is it can be spontaneous. You don’t need to go and buy a bondage kit. Ice cubes work really well for example. Try balancing one on your partners nipple and enjoy the shudder as it melts away. Placing a warming metal toys also work really well. You’re guaranteed a reaction and play it right, it may just be orgasmic. Please do be careful with this though. Don’t take anything to excess and understand extreme temperatures can burn.

Wax Play:

Wax play can potentially be very dangerous. The amount of stories we’ve heard of people taking an everyday candle and burning themselves with it is unprecedented. You need to invest in Bondage Wax Candles. These have lower melting points and should be held at a safe height. Get it right though and you’re in for an intense and sensual experience! The feeling of hot wax being controlled by one partner over the other almost burns up the insides in itself.

Electrical Play:

Tingle your senses and lose control as waves of electrical stimulations shoot through your body. Electrical play is relatively easy to learn and will make you quiver with excitement! Being electrocuted isn’t about the pain. It’s all about that electrifying anticipation that’ll light up your insides. We fear electricity and its mysterious effect as it sends our body into spasms. It has an invisible power over us! Electro sex products range from Probes to Paddles. The intensity of electro sex can be adjusted using the controls. A great way to turn up the heat! Different areas on the body will also have different levels of sensitivity. A thick and dry area of skin like the calf is sensitive. A nice and hot sweaty area is more sensitive like the armpit. The body is your canvas to explore!

Round it All Up:

Sensation play is a world to explore. It’s great to mix it up with other forms of play. There’s nothing quite like combing sensuality and kinkiness into a fun filled erotic scenario. Check out our range of Sensation Play Products and if you have any questions be sure to get in Contact.