5 Ways to Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Let’s be honest. Sometimes doing the same routine with your partner may become more… vanilla. Whether its using a vibrator or butt plug, there are a variety of things you can use to elevate sexual feelings and actions wherever you are. Here are 5 ways to spice things up in the bedroom: Or anywhere else for that matter!

By dressing up in different outfits you can fulfill any fantasy that you or your partner may have. It can be dressing up as a seductive nurse or heroic firefighter. There is something for everyone. You can pretend to be someone else in different scenarios. Pleasure you and your partner by letting your imagination go wild. We have latex and pvc wear that you can shop, so that you can create your fantasy. We recommend the PVC Nurse outfits as they are sure to increase your partner's heart rate.


Acts of service is a way of physically showing your partner your affection towards them. Why not try another way of making them feel good through sensual massages. Anyone can receive or do massages as you don't have to be a professional. As long as you're soothing those muscles with long deep strokes across different areas of the body- you're doing a great job! We would recommend using oils such as our Massage Oils. Simply pour a small amount into your palms and rub together for a few seconds. Once the oil has been slightly warmed up by the heat between your palms, rub on the desired areas of your partner's body.


There are many styles of how you can wear latex. You can wear latex in roleplay through costumes or latex hoods for the element of anonymity. Latex brings out confidence and oozes sex appeal for those who want to step out of their comfort zone. Why not step into the world of latex and opt for a different look when seducing your partner. We have a range of styles and Latex Fetishwear items that you can shop that will transform your sex life.


Keep it simple, yet effective with Sex Toys. There is no limit to how far you can go with these accessories. Long lasting tools that are bound to sexually satisfy you. Although it may be intimidating at first glance. These are named toys for a reason- they are used to play for your pleasure. For most women, a vibrator or dildo are used most effectively to get an orgasm or sexual pleasure. And yes, there are toys for Men too. From Anal Toys to Masturbators, there are a variety of tools that can reach the G Spot or help you climax. Check our variety of toys that can help you in your sexual endeavours.


Finally, we have our timeless and classic way of heating the tension between one another with Lingerie. Lingerie has effortless sex appeal and allows anyone to feel sexy in their own skin. Whether it's in a bra, basque or bodystocking. We have a bespoke selection of lingerie to help create your own fantasy as you embrace your sensuality.