How to Talk to your Partner about your Unusual Kink?

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Open Communication:
If you’re nervous about your particular kink and think your significant other will judge you. Don’t worry! Fundamentally a relationship should be based on trust. It should be a safe place. If you’re partner judges you then should you really be with them?

By opening up you’ll become a lot more comfortable in your relationship. Chances are you’re over worrying. We normally hear that when partners discuss their kinks they realise that they’ve got way more in common than originally thought. It allows for you to grow together and explore new things that’ll make you even closer. Besides, there’s bound to be a lot more fun along the way! There are easier ways to approach the topic to relieve the unnecessary awkwardness.

How to Open Up?
Bring it up in a neutral situation
If you’re worried about your partners reaction to your kink then bringing it up in a non sexual situation makes life a lot easier. Why? It removes any expectation to engage with the kink immediately. Bringing it up in a neutral place allows for you to discuss it and removes the feeling of pressure. That being said, the conversation could go really well and things could get naughty! Giving all sides some time to think and discuss means that you’re more likely to find similarities.

Bring it up in a casual conversation
Another great little tip tip is to bring the conversation up casually. There’s no reason discussing kinks should be serious. If you’re nervous about talking about kink then a light conversation allows you to gauge the situation. However worried you are, it’s so much easier when there's jokes flying around. You’ll also be able to get an indication into how your partner reacts. It just keeps everything light hearted and is a good way to ease into the conversation.

Bring it up using case studies
We’ve all used case studies in all sorts of scenarios. There’s nothing better than using an anecdote or an example to talk through your own feelings or issues.‘Have you hear that Amber Rose enjoys doing,,,, How much fun does that sound!’. Talking about others allows you to give your opinion without directly talking about your own situation. Remember there’s no substitute for an open narrative however it’s an easy way to start the conversation.

Everyone has limits:
Being open about your kinks doesn’t mean that you should pressure your partner into indulging in them. Consent is always the imperative for a sexual relationship. Everyone has their limits and if your partner isn’t into it then their not into it! Like anything in a relationship you can find middle ground, mutual interests as you will. By compromising and syncing your kinks, hopefully you can explore new things together.

Customer Care:
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