Lingerie Bodies Buying Guide

Lingerie is an important pillar in your wardrobe. Not only does it make you look good in the bedroom but it can also make you feel on top of the world! You might be thinking that Lingerie Bodies just aren’t “your thing”, well today we are here to show how they can accommodate any shape or size and help everyone to feel and look sexy.

What Lingerie Body Is Best For Me?

Finding which one is best for you comes a lot from personal style and opinion. Knowing the materials you do and don't like, what parts you want to cover and what you want to flaunt.

How To Dress For Your Shape

Dressing for your body shape can be a quick and easy way to discover what looks best. If you have no idea how to dress for your shape, below are some quick tips. Pears (smaller bust, bigger waist): Big details on top, plunging necklines, daring details.A great example is the Wicked Lace Up Body Square (athletic, not much curve): Creative shapes and cut outs to draw the eye across. A lush body for square shapes is the Wet Look Strappy Lingerie Body Apple (broader shoulders and bust, smaller hips): Fun with neckline shapes. High cut leg holes to elongate your shape. The Lace Thong-Back Lingerie Body is a great example of this. Hourglass (big bust, big hips, smaller waist): Tight fitting and clever cut outs that mirror your natural look with cinched waist. A great body for an hourglass shape is the Midnight Mistress Lingerie Body.

Crotchless vs. Crotch:

There is also the option of having an open or closed crotch. The benefits of crotchless are also for both in and out of the home. You can get easy access for sexual pleasure, or have the feel of going commando without taking away from your tuck-in style. Check out our Crotchless Collection. Whereas crotched bodies can have the regular comfort of knickers and tend to have a wider range of products. Some bodies do fasten by the crotch using poppers so you can still get easy access, just not as quickly.

Ultimately, the best lingerie body for you is the one that compliments your personal style, your favourite features and makes you feel comfortable.


One of the most popular materials. With an I’ve been naughty, spank me’ vibe, this material is more revealing with small peep-holes across the garment. Very comfortable and secure means it’s great for someone looking for their assets to be held more tightly. We love this Veronique Lingerie Body with fishnet material.
A timeless classic of seductive material. With beautiful patterns, this material is the most decorative. Slightly thicker in feel giving you more security but placed in all the right places makes you more seductive than ever. Our Flora Cutout Strapped Harness Lingerie Body is a beautiful example of how lace can be used in many different shapes to create beautiful designs.
An underrated but totally sexy material. Not only is the feel of this sensual, but the sheer look is also mesmerising. This is the most adaptable material and the comfiest to wear as it can stretch across the body easily. Its structure means you can get some of the prettiest designs in Nylon. Check out this Nylon Opaque Long Sleeved Striped Lingerie Body to see how the material can be used in bodies.

Where to Wear My Lingerie Body:

Most of the time, a lingerie body is a private affair item, worn for tantalising sexual relations but lately, there has been an increase in wearing bodies on nights out for dress-up events. Multi-wear bodies can be worn on the town and in the bedroom, a great example of this is the Mesh Banded Lingerie Body. It has wet look panels covering you in all the right places with peep-through panels for teasing, making it modest enough for the town and sexy enough for the bedroom! It all comes down to how much you’re prepared to show and to who. Confidence always plays an important part.

How Can I Buy for My Partner?

So you want to gift your partner a lingerie body? Great choice. The first thing you need to know is her size. Don't look at just one bra/top/trouser. Women's clothing sizes are not concrete and not as simple as “She has a 16 top so is a 16”, have a look at multiple items to get a true idea. If you are unsure of what size, you can take a look at our size guide here to help you out. Some bodies do come in One Size or Queen Size, these can be a safe bet and you can find them here. Now you need to consider style. There is no point in buying your partner what you want to see them in. If she doesn’t wear crotchless thongs already, you’d be brave presenting her with some. If she’s a lover of lace and oozes confidence, get her something a little more daring and revealing like our Lace Teddy with Heart Cut-Out Detail. If she doesn’t like strutting her stuff, getting her a body with cut outs will more than likely make her feel uncomfortable, go for something more conservative sexy, like the Peek-a-Boo Lace Lingerie Body.


If you’re buying for yourself or someone else. Bodies are always a great option, for whatever the occasion, before and after. They can be a great tool to build self-confidence in and outside of the bedroom. If you need any more help in order to purchase your Lingerie Bodies please don’t hesitate in contacting us for advice!

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