Honour Stylist: My Favourite Latex Summer Styles and Why?

This is my first styling article for Honour. I’m going to explore a few different latex styles that could fit into all sorts of occasions, especially for this summer! I’d suggest checking the Whole Range of Latex. It’s slowly growing to broaden the horizons on how you can wear the material. Hopefully you’ll be able to find your perfect piece or two!

Luna Vest Latex Dress

One of my favourite Honour item’s is the Luna Vest Latex Dress. It’s a super versatile outfit that can be worn anywhere from the bedroom to a nightclub. The restrictive feel of the latex accompanied with the open fit is perfect for the summer. It’s sure to be a show stopper but also subtle enough to wear at a variety of occasions. The dress comes in a range of colours.

Latex Rubber Skating Skirt

The Latex Rubber Skating Skirt is fabulous in all ways. You can pair this with a more casual look or a Latex Top to complete the look. The pink colour is perfect for summer and it’s a super comfortable latex piece. The perfect amount of flirty, you won’t go wrong.

Latex Classic Catsuit

I couldn’t leave out the Latex Classic Catsuit. This is going to be a slightly hotter option than some of the other styles. Although it simply looks amazing! You can also wear a catsuit in the shower or bath. It’s an exciting experience and the latex will sparkle. The classic catsuit is an Honour bestseller, even through the summer months.

Front Zip Polo Dress

A beautiful garment that comes in red and black. The zip and sleeveless style makes this a good summer choice. You can wear it fully zipped for a more dominant look or half zipped for something more suggestive. Pair with some sexy shoes and you’ll be sure to look as hot as the weather can get this summer!

The Zip Front Sleeveless T Shirt

A more masculine style, the Zip Front Sleeveless T Shirt is an absolute classic. You’ll stand out from the crowd wherever you go. This style is never going to go out of fashion and you’ll be able to wear it repeatedly.