Sexual Health Awareness

Being proactive about your sexual health is important to a healthy and happy sex life. STI’s affect hundreds of millions of people a year globally and should be something that is discussed openly without any social stigma. In fact the World Health Organisation estimates that there are more than one million new STI’s a day. Making matters worse people don't often realise they’re STI positive when infections yield no symptoms. This means that people should be aware and openly discuss STI’s to make sex a more pleasurable experience for everyone.

What You Can Do:

  • Educate yourself and those around you with research and open discussion.
  • Practise safe sex using a condom such as Skins Condoms.
  • Remember STI’s can also spread through oral sex so try to use a condom as well for this. For a more pleasurable experience for this maybe look into some flavoured condoms such as Skins flavoured Condoms.
  • Get yourself tested
  • Wash before and after sex
  • Please let any current or old sexual partners know if you have tested positive for an STI.
  • Open Communication:

    Remember it's important to be open and communicate with partners about sexually transmitted infections or diseases. There is no shame if you have tested positive for anything but let any partners know so they can also get tested and prevent the spread of the infection. By taking these precautions you can help stop the spread of infections and create a safer more healthy environment for a society with a healthy and open attitude towards sex.


    Lube is also a great factor in keeping a healthy sex life. Lube can reduce friction during sex which lessens the chance of injury. Lube also reduces the chance of a condom breaking or falling off which reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. If using a latex condom, try to use a waterbased lube such as Lubido Super Slick Lube. or a silicone based lube such as Swiss Navy Silicone Lube. as other types of lube can cause the condom to break down. For any sexual activity involving any toys or equipment, remember to use toy cleaners such as Cobeco. or Pjur. to sanitise toys after use. This will kill any bacteria and stop the spread of any bacterial infections creating a more pleasant and healthy sexual lifestyle. Pjur.