Men's PVC Tops

With everything from shirts to vests in all colours and sizes, our range of expertly-crafted high-gloss PVC men's tops has everything you need to look sexier than ever in your next vinyl outfit.

Men's PVC Tops

Men's PVC Tops (29)

Sleeveless Zip Top


PVC Round Neck T Shirt


PVC Male Polo Top


PVC Fitted Shirt


White PVC Shirt


PVC Short Sleeved Shirt


Plastic Hangmans Top - Vibrant Red


VynX Long Sleeved Catsuit


VynX T-Shirt


VynX Sleeveless Playsuit


VynX Long Sleeved T-Shirt


SkinTwo Secrets: Mens Random Clothing


PVC Skater Skirt In Black


VynX Polo Shirt


Plastic Hangmans Top - Transparent Blue


Plastic Catsuit - Clear Black


SkinTwo Secrets: Men’s PVC Outfit


PVC Dominator Dress


SkinTwo Secrets: Men’s Latex Outfit


VynX Woven Print Longsleeve T-shirt


VynX Round Neck Croc Print Vest Top


VynX Round Neck Camo Vest Top


VynX Croc Print Polo Shirt


VynX Round Neck Camo T-shirt


Tie Dyed Gauze Men's Top from Punk Rave


Men's Hollow Sleeved Overjacket from Punk Rave


Sleeveless Zip Top Purple


PVC Male Polo Top Purple


Shoulder Studded Fence Net Top from Punk Rave