PVC Catsuits

The classic shiny PVC catsuit is irresisiblty sexy, and with our selection of curve-enhancing vinyl catsuits in both sleeveless and full-body designs, you'll be spoilt for choice. Let your inner feline out with these tantalising styles.

PVC Catsuits

PVC Catsuits (19)

PVC 2 Way Zip Catsuit


Powerwetlook Catsuit with Tulle Inserts


Harlot PVC Catsuit


PVC Sleeveless Catsuit


Countess Boned PVC Catsuit


Plastic Catsuit - Clear Black


Subservient Sleeveless PVC Catsuit


Libertine Short-Sleeved PVC Catsuit


Rouge PVC Catsuit


Long Leg Playsuit Pink


Wetlook V-Neck Catsuit


Wetlook Maleficent Catsuit


On the Prowl Catsuit Set


Merlot Sleeveless PVC Catsuit


Sinful Sister Catsuit Set


SkinTwo Secrets: Women's PVC Outfit


SkinTwo Secrets: Women's Random Clothing


PVC 2 Way Zip Catsuit in Purple


Long Leg Playsuit Yellow