Honour’s Guide to Electro - Sex

If you’re new to the scene of electrical stimulation we’ve got the perfect guide to learn the Do’s and Don’ts when using electrical stimulation in the bedroom. We know what you may be thinking, mixing electricity and sex is a recipe for disaster! Whether you’re a sceptic or just curious, electrical stimulation can give pleasure experiences unlike any other. Remember, it’s always important to talk your fantasies through with a partner to make sure they are fully comfortable taking part, as consent is key! Electro sex isn’t for everyone so make sure both parties are fully up for feeling the buzz. Caution: Starting too high on power as a beginner may shock you past the point of pleasure! If you’re daunted by the thought of pleasure by shocking, it’s always important to start small. By starting with a low voltage setting on your electro stimulation toy, you can ease yourself into this pleasure for pain bondage toy. On the lowest of settings, you will feel a mild tingle sensation and of course the lower the setting the lighter your sensation will be. Some say a low setting feels like a gentle stroke on the skin.

Safety Tips:

- DO NOT use any electrical stimulation play if you suffer from epilepsy, heart problems/ you are fitted with a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.

- It is vital that you DO NOT pass any electrical charge through the heart. Always determine the circuit of your toy, avoiding the passing through your heart.

- DO NOT use electrical stimulation on broken or irritated skin.

- It is advised that you DO NOT use electrostimulation above the waist or through any piercings as these make get hot or negatively intensify the shock feelings.

- DO NOT attach an electrode to your body whilst the device is on. Always turn off your toy before switching body parts or users.

- DO make sure that you are fully hydrated before playing with electrical stimulation.

- DO use water based lubricants when inserting any of the specially designed electrical stimulation toys.

- DO use a metal conductive gel on the surface of your skin when playing externally with electrical stimulation. Available here.

- DO make sure that all of your electrical stimulation equipment is dry before using and after cleaning.

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