Fun Ways To Increase Your Libido

Sexual libido focuses on your level of sexual drive. It’s an important part of life and a lot (we mean a lot!) of fun. It’s perfectly normal for it to fluctuate. Sometimes you’ll be hornier than other times! Let's talk about some of the fun ways that you can increase your libido.

Focus On Foreplay:

Foreplay is a great way to spice up your sex life. It’ll help raise your sexual arousal and can really help increase your libido. There are two effects of focusing on foreplay. Firstly the physiological effect that will create an emotional initimacy around sex and reduce any anxieties. Secondly the physical effects of increased blood flow, lubrication of the genitalia etc. You can take your foreplay to the next level by using Massage Oils or experiment with a Sensual Play Experience Kit.

Spice Up Your Love Life:

Heighten your libido by trying new things and keeping everything exciting. There are so many different ways to change things up in the bedroom. You can experiment with Bondage or add a Sex Toy to a scenario. Why not try a Latex Spanking Skirt? That feeling of excitement will release additional endorphins and give you a new burst of life. You don’t always need additional aids either. Why not try a new sex position or whisper something naughty into each others ear?

Get Plenty of Sleep:

Your sex drive will vary naturally. Any stresses, anxieties or lack of sleep can really impact your feelings towards having sex. It’s important to take care of your general wellbeing so that you feel energetic and positive. This can lean into your sex life and make it so much better. Additional sleep is a great place to start for ensuring you're ready to go! You could always make sleep extra special with a Bondage Blindfold?