C&B stands for Cock and Ball, and is often referred to as CBT (Cock and Ball Torture). This is a kind of fetish focused purely around the (typically) male genitalia, often involving inflicting pain and other seemingly uncomfortable stimulations. As you can probably imagine, it’s definitely not for everyone, but if you’re interested, then read on for our quick guide to safe and effective C&B play.

There are numerous ways to engage with C&B, and most methods would be considered physically and/more emotionally uncomfortable outside of the fetish.

One of the simplest is known as testicle crushing - it’s pretty much as simple as it seems, involving any form of pressure upon the balls, sometimes simply a squeeze from the hand, and other times using specialist gear, commonly referred to as ball crushers.

If crushing your balls isn’t what you’re after, then testicle stretching may interest you - another form of play which involves the balls being pulled and stretched. Sometimes this is done with the hand, but often done with specialized toys and weights. The most commonly used device is known as a parachute which wraps around the scrotum above the balls, and has chains used to hang weights, to achieve the desired sensation. Another device enjoyed is a ball stretcher, simply a doughnut shaped device which sits around the scrotum, above the balls to force them downward.

Moving onto the penis, and many C&B fetishists enjoy whipping and wax dripping due to the sensations and lack of control. Make sure to be gentle as lacerations from a whip can be particularly dangerous in the genital region, and hot wax can cause serious damage - try some low temperature body safe wax instead.

Penis trampling is the final most common type of C&B, requiring no special equipment, only the foot of whom you wish to be dominated by. Many people may have a preference for a certain kind of shoe to step on them, or even latex stockings for that sexy rubber feeling.


If stretching, crushing and whipping doesn’t cut it, there are ways to step it up a notch; Urethral play involves inserting specialist toys down the urethra. This is commonly known as sounding, and uses tools known as sounds, often made of medical grade steel, or silicone, in a variety of thicknesses and textures to expand the urethra and cause unusual sensations. Many people report it to be painful at first, but this is not a bad thing. The more you do something the less it will hurt as you get used to it but many people really enjoy the pain that comes with being stretched out like this.


C&B is incredibly versatile, as it can be combined with almost any other fetish - most commonly S&M, impact play and sensation play. One of the most common fetishes to combine with it is electro stimulation due to the variety of products available, from chastity cages, to cock rings, ball presses to urethral sounds, and even using the basic loops and pads to electrify your senses.
All of the practices above carry an amount of risk, from penile fracture to ruptured testicles and UTI’s. Knowing when to stop is crucial and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Read up as much as you can before engaging in this fetish to avoid any chance of long lasting damage.