Guide to Stockings

Stockings are an absolute must if you want to seduce your partner into submission. If you want to make the kinky switch from tights to stockings then this little guide may offer some helpful hints and tips. The stockings you wear should be based on the clothes (or lack of) that you plan to wear with them. For example, if you plan to wear a hot black latex mini skirt, your stockings should be a matching colour and fabric. Additionally, do not get stockings that are smaller than you can wear, as they will easily tear – especially with all the activity that is sure to follow.


Your choice in material is important as it can define not only how you look but how you feel wearing them. If you’re going for the sweet and innocent look then a pair of dainty white Hold Ups will offer you that desired look of vulnerability. Hold ups are good if your planning a lot of wiggling and jiggling as they have an elastic band sewn to the top that is backed with silicone on its inner surface. This ensures the hold ups stay in position because of the elastic and the friction of the silicone against the skin.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of Fishnets when teasing your partner in the boudoir – plus there is a versatility to this type of stocking. You can wear Fishnets with basques, corsets, bras or bodies – and I find they’re always useful to have a few pairs…after all you never know who might pop round! The material Wetlook has revolutionized the club scene look and it’s no surprise that we’ve seen various celebs hitting the clubs in a hot pair of these… plus they feel INCREDIBLE to touch! As this style has become more mainstream,


Nylon – a material that has been around the block and back again, is still an integral part of any fashion wardrobe and we’re always on the lookout for another killer pair of nylon stockings. They may be slightly more delicate than other materials – particularly if you’re being thrown about in the heat of the moment! Most nylon stockings have spandex in them however, this adds stretchiness so as long as you’re partner isn’t constantly clawing at your legs… you should be alright! Now a good pair of stockings (non-holdups) always needs a good quality suspender belt to accompany it and is important to the level of comfort you get. The more straps the more secure your stockings will feel. The most common are the 4 straps which are usually produced as part of a set. For durability it’s always best to look for suspender belts that have metal clasps. Plastic clasps can break easily and you don’t want that to happen if you sit down too quickly.

Stockings Care:

Before you put on your stockings always apply lotion to your legs (although avoid lotions or creams when you’re wearing hold ups); this will prevent irritation while wearing them. The best way to put stockings on is to roll them on, rather than pulling them on like a pair of pants. To roll the stockings, simply roll the outside edge of the stocking to its bottom. Place your foot inside the stocking and roll it back up onto your leg. After that, stretch the stocking to remove wrinkles. Stockings should always be hand-washed, rather than washed in a machine. ALWAYS check before hand-washing that you’ve removed any rings and bracelets as they could cause the stockings to tear. You should also use a hanger to dry the stockings, rather than placing them in a dryer. Stockings can really add another dimension of sexiness to your outfit. Whatever the occasion, whether you’re planning a hot and steamy night in with your partner or prowling the streets looking to seduce wearing them – they add elegance to your style and make you ooze sex appeal! Click here to browse all stockings!