Anna Quinn: Exclusive Interview

International model and cosplay fanatic, Anna Quinn recently popped into the Honour head office for a fabulous photo shoot of our latest range of PVC and latex clothing. As well has her impressive portfolio in modelling, Anna is a big tattoo enthusiast and has begun a career as a tattoo artist in tattoo parlour Ursa Major Tattoo Parlour, Oxford. After the photo shoot, we got a chance to interview Anna on all things Honour, cosplay, modelling and latex!


Anna Quinn discussed latex, super heroes and her career. Her first experience with latex was at a photo shoot 18 years ago. In fact the latex dress was from Honour! Anna was clear on her preference for Latex over other materials. Latex intertwines with one of Anna’s other hobbies, fantasy. She stated ‘all superheroes would look great in Latex’ (we would have to agree!). Asking about favourite superheros was a challenging question. Although, anti heroes were discussed and she has a fantastic fascination with Harley Quinn and the Joker.


On a more serious note Anna is a very interesting character. She has had a long modelling career and has been on Instagram since 2014. With over 100k followers her modelling career has been displayed over the last 4 years. Her profile clearly shows stylistic and colourful imagery that many model Instagrams lack. A big inspiration for Anna was Bianca Beauchamp who is also a fantastic model and a huge inspiration within the latex scene. Anna recently modelled with Honour.

Anna’s modelling and interest in latex and cosplay do not take away from her career as a tattoo artist. In fact quite the opposite, they seem to crossover and intertwine. Anna is very humble about the beginning of her career and discusses the difficulties of being selected for Tattoo apprenticeships. However, she is rock and rolling now! To see the full interview press play to watch the exclusive Anna Quinn Interview by Honour Clothing below.

Fun Facts

Anna’s first latex experience was actually in a Honour dress at a photoshoot 18 years ago. Here at Honour we were excited by the fact that now Anna is a world renowned model she came to flaunt herself in our latex once again at one of our own in house photoshoots! She is a fascinating person through and through. After discussing superpowers, Anna would want to be able to fly or teleport so that she could get to and from her shoots quicker. That is dedication to modelling!


Watch out for Anna, she is an ambitious model and I’m sure will be onto big things. We’re excited to share more of the images from the shoot with you. Hopefully we will be able to see Anna in more latex as soon as possible.