My First Sex Toy

You’ve decided, you want a little more from your sexual encounters and want to experiment before you bring the show to the centre stage. You’re certainly not alone as 48% of the population has a sex toy so there is nothing to be embarrassed or concerned about, you’re about to jump on the biggest party bus, the sex world has to offer!

A sex toy is designed to give you pleasureable experiences you never knew could exist! There are so many toys to choose from, which is what can make it daunting when searching. We’ve compiled a list of beginner sex toys for everyone to ensure you get your sexual satisfaction!

Great and suggestive options to choose from
We’ve researched our best selling products and analysed a group of them to see which would be best suited for someone beginning with a sex toy. All these toys give a pleasurable experience and are perfect for experimenting in the bedroom. It’s just up to you which one sounds the best for your next venture.
For Him

Cock Ring
Easy To Use: 8/10
Intensity/Invasiveness: 6/10
Value For Money: 10/10
With spikes, ribbed edges, vibrations and all sorts of other mechanisms, cock rings come in all variables and sizes. Most are made from a stretchy material, usually PVC or Silicone. Cock Rings can come with attachments, such as a butt plug, bullet or ball ring, so there’s always an option to mix it up. A great starter cock ring keeps it nice a simple, we suggest you go for this Set of 3 Clear Cock Rings. This product gives you 3 different sizes so you can adjust to what comfortably fits you best. They’re tight fitting so you can last longer but also waterproof so you can test them out in the shower!

Male Masturbator
Easy To Use: 10/10
Intensity/Invasiveness: 3/10
Value For Money: 9/10
A male masturbator is a great option for a first sex toy. This toy brings you to the next level of self-pleasure and it will definitely leave you satisfied. You can get many different varieties of masturbators, realistic, pocket size and life size. There’s plenty of room for extra pleasure with masturbators, some even come with multiple insertion points so you can get many different experiences from one toy! A great masturbator is this Tenga Deep Throat Masturbator. It has a pressure vacuum seal and intricate canal to make it feel like a real blow-job, sending you into a new realm of pleasure. This masturbator is not only good for getting you off but it also has great value for money as well!

For Her

Easy To Use: 9/10
Intensity/Invasiveness: 7/10
Value For Money: 10/10
Not only do they not break the bank, but they really pack a punch of sensations. Bullets are great at being concealed, you can store them in a pair of socks, in your handbag, even in your pocket so you don’t need to worry about someone finding it. Some are even disguised as a lipstick, so if people see it, they’ll glide right past it and think nothing of it. You can find them here. Our best selling bullet is the Rocks Off 80mm Bullet Vibrator Silver and for very good reason. It’s 100% waterproof which means you can take it into the bathtub to test out. It certainly gives you a great sensation that will leave you weak at the knees, perfect for your first toy.

Dildo’s & Vibrators
Easy To Use: 9/10
Intensity/Invasiveness: 5/10
Value For Money: 10/10
It’s no surprise to find this toy in here, dildo’s are a great way to get in touch with your body. You can get dildos in many different styles; realistic, inflatable and double penetration. There are so many to choose from so it can be difficult to know what is best for someone who is looking to buy their first. Many are commonly seen with a Rabbit attached on the side which helps stimulate the clitoris. These vibrators are amazing at maximising your orgasm. You can find our range here. One of our best sellers and our favourite dildo which is great for beginners is the Minx G Spot Vibrator. It’s a great size, and not too intimidating and with 10 speeds it can really help with easing you into its use.

Wand Massager
Easy To Use: 8/10
Intensity/Invasiveness: 4/10
Value For Money: 8/10
“A Wand Massager? That doesn’t sound like your typical first sex toy?” We hear you say, well, we believe differently. You see, when exploring with sex toys, you are essentially exploring different sensations around your body, what you do or do not like. A Wand Massager is perfect, you can turn it on and massage around your entire body to see what areas stimulate you. You might discover that you love your nipple vibrating - so you could look into nipple clamps. A Wand Massager gives off many different types of sensations and relaxes your muscles brilliantly, so you really get a lot for your money with these. A great beginner wand massager is the Love Magic Multipurpose Massager. Wand Massagers can get expensive so this one is great for value without losing any quality, perfect for your first sex toy together.

Anal Beginners Kit
Easy To Use: 7/10
Intensity/Invasiveness: 8/10
Value For Money: 6/10
A great beginners kit is a great piece of kit to have when exploring sex toys. Anal play is a great way to experience a new sensation away from regular intercourse and foreplay. Many people are interested or intrigued by anal play and the best way to get into it is definitely using a starter kit. Containing more than one plug to help you ease into it they start off small and very gradually get larger. Once you are more into anal play there are tonnes of variations, sizes, shapes, materials and weights, even ones with vibrations.

The Pink Butt Plug Trainer Kit is a great way to get yourself started. It contains 3 different sizes of plug and is great value for money also! It’s made from silicone and has a satin finish to ensure smooth insertion - perfect for beginners. They’re flexible and tapered for effortless penetration and can be used with any type of lube!