Top 5 Latex Dresses of the Year

So we’re coming to the end of 2018 and it’s time to start rounding it up. It’s been an exciting year for Honour. It’s been a competitive year with new styles and designs but we now have the top five best selling latex dresses of the year! Unsurprisingly they are some of the classics and we love them! Want to look flawlessly gorgeous and flaunt those curves. These five beautiful latex garments are not going to disappoint. The designs have been worn across fetish nights, catwalks, published in high fashion magazines and well anywhere else you can think of! We’re excited to see what latex is going to bring next year!

Recent Launch

We recently launched the Arctic Night Collection and the Latex Blizzard Dress has exceeded expectation. It was the bestselling latex dress of November 2018. However as a newcomer it was late to the race. What a shame! This beautiful latex dress is based in a classic black panel. It then integrates a transparent lilac latex on the sides to reveal just enough skin to tease. You get a fantastic mixture of a classic panel dress with the beauty of coloured latex and to top it off the transparency of the lilac hints at kinky. We’re excited to see it in its full glory next year. We hope to see it as a regular feature for many rubberists and fashionistas! Let’s get back to the list and start with the fifth most popular latex dress of the year!

5.Latex Dress with Suspenders

Lets kick it off with this Latex Dress with Suspenders in Black. This garment epitomises everything latex is and should be. Beautifully designed to provide a garment that will look great in all situations. The dress is moulded together so is void of stitching or glue. Just one big piece of rubbery goodness! Its great for latex beginners as it’s relatively open and easy to get into. Although don’t be deceived. This is a firm favourite for the most experienced rubberist. It provides a stern look especially if paired with some rubber stockings. Alternatively, match it with a pair of seamed stockings and you complete that boudoir style. An all round winner whoever you are!

4. Polo Latex Dress with Keyhole

At number 4 the Polo Latex Dress with Keyhole is sure to leave you stunned. This Polo Latex Dress won last year's number one and you can understand why. This dress is an absolutely fabulous contradiction between the conservative nature of a high neck and the revealingness of an armless dress. It provides an array of complicated elements that’ll leave you in a seductive mess. Not only does it look great but also feels great. There’s something quite exciting about having latex tight around your neck. Especially when in such an open dress. This latex dress fits beautifully to such a vast range of body shapes. The structure of it is relatively square so provides a hugging fit across most body types whether large or small. Nice and short, revealing where necessary and provides an all round great latex experience.

Skin Two UK Strapless Latex Skater Dress in Black Dress
3. Strapless Latex Dress

Why do we think this strapless latex dress is so popular? Because it’s so different! Completely exposed at the top, loose flowing at the bottom but tight hugging in the middle. The shape of this dress is going to hold you in all the right places. Exciting! The dress is made of two elements. The loose flowing mini skirt and the seamed tube top. It’s a great dress for all occasions. For example it makes a great party piece or there are all sorts of fantasy situations this little latex skater dress could be apart of. This dress is such a eye catching design and then you make it in latex!

2. Subordination Latex Dress

Now this is iconic. The Subordination Latex Dress is a signature Honour look and we love it! The red and black colours used in the design are from the Honour colour scheme 25 years ago! It’s one of the last reminders of our original branding. The dress itself is designed as a long latex dress to flaunt the curves and tease the mind. A front zip allows for flexibility in how its worn. Some prefer to leave it half zipped while others make use of the the high neck to maintain that strict disciplinarian style. With sleeveless arms this piece complements long latex gloves or commands the room as a solo outfit. It is a dominatrices favourite! The dress has a fantastic history. It was originally inspired by victorian corsetry designs. The trimmings are designed to look like a corset subtly holding the latex dress in place. An absolute winner and this would be a sure fire contender for the best selling latex dress in Honour history.

1. Silver Zip Vest Latex Dress

In at number one is the Silver Zip Vest Latex Dress. This dress started its life in black but now comes in black, purple and red. A firm favourite and all the colours have now become popular! The iconic dress has a simple and sophisticated style. The centralised zip is a main feature of this latex dress. It looks classy, feels great against the skin and makes for easy access for that bedroom scenario. It can still be worn as a purely fashionable piece and quite frankly looks stunning! It’s subtlety is it’s greatest asset! In a range of colours this dress is quite possibly the most versatile piece in the Honour wardrobe. Maybe we need it in a few more colours!