What Is The Difference Between Latex and Rubber?

Latex and Rubber are often used interchangeably as the differences are often not noticeable. Latex is the white sap that is produced from the rubber tree. It is the basis of all rubber products. Although there are subtle differences and the material latex is often not well understood. We’ve tried to cover the basics for you about latex and latex clothing. Read below to learn a bit more about latex and its differences with rubber.

What is Latex?

We get asked a lot here at Honour, ‘What’s the difference between Latex and Rubber?’ Well, hold onto your hats boys and girls, ‘cos here’s your answer. Believe it or not, both latex and rubber are found in nature. Latex’s a white sap that comes from a Para rubber tree, called Hevea brasiliensis. It’s a milky fluid which is found in all flowering plants, and is an incredible fusion of water, protein, sugar, dirt and all other impurities. If the tree or plant experiences tissue injury, the latex sap is released and then used by the tree to close the wounds in its bark. The latex drips down the tree and the sap is collected.

What is Latex Clothing?

Latex clothing is worn skin tight, like a second skin, where it clings to your body, flattering and flaunting your figure. It’s hugely popular in the fetish scene as it feels incredibly sensual against your skin and is also stretchy, which allows you to be more flexible yet stay comfortable. You can also shine up your latex withSkin Two Serum Dressing Aid from Honour to give it more gloss, and making it stay fresh and looking brand-new each time you wear it. Please Note: Natural rubber latex has extreme elongation, it is tear resilient and has durability properties. These are all fantastic qualities for a garment and are what make latex so special. Be sure when purchasing latex that it is natural. There is a lot of artificial latex out there that is of very low quality and will not provide desired feel or look of high quality natural latex.

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What is Rubber?

With rubber, if the sap from the Para rubber tree is not going to be used as latex, it’s then mixed with some other chemicals (like water and acid) to thicken it, then dried and formed into sheets or blocks, and turned into rubber. Latex sap contains approximately 35-40% rubber.

What Is The Difference Between Latex & Rubber?

Rubber is slightly thicker than latex and therefore doesn’t make as great a material for making stunning garments with shape and style. That is why at Honour, we only use latex for our ranges, although we often use the term rubber interchangeably with latex just for ease.

Final Remarks

So there we have it. Next time you’re getting ready for a night of naughty’s by pulling on your sexy, little PVC number, or rolling up your long, rubber gloves, just remember, that our very own Mother Nature helped make it for you. Marvellous, I think you’ll agree.