Wetlook Clothing

This shiny, stretchy fabric is soft and sexy! Shop our range of futuristic wet look clothing for men and women,paired with lace for a more delicate, feminine style, or buckles and O-rings for a fetish aesthetic which is both sexy and comfortable. From catsuits to g-strings, these wet look designs comes in every size, so you'll find the perfect shiny outfit to match your style with our range of wet look clothing.

Wet Look

Wet Look (45)

Powerwetlook Mini Dress with Corset


Wetlook Spaghetti Strap Dress - One Size


Wetlook Dress with Red Zippers


Powerwetlook Mini Dress with Ecoleather Inserts


Wetlook Cocoon Dress


Powerwetlook Pencil Dress with Hook-On Collar and Zipper


Long Dress of O


Portia Strap Dress


Fishnet and Wetlook Long Sleeve Garter Mini Dress


Sheer Front Wetlook Dress


Moira Wetlook Maid Costume


Wetlook Sleeveless Skater Dress


Exciting Mini-Dress with Two-Way Zipper


Powerwetlook Mini Dress with Rocky Eyelets


Selene Neoprene Plunge Dress


Wetlook Collar Dress


Mistress Pencil Dress in Black


Keyhole Midi Dress


O-Ring Halter Fishnet and Wetlook Cheerleader Dress


Switch Plunge Zip Dress


Wetlook Sleeveless Dress with Lace-Up Detail


Scoop-neck Wetlook Bodycon Dress


Front Lace-Up Wetlook Dress


Nathalie Panel Dress


Selene Stud Cutout Dress


Fever Whiplash Pencil Dress


Powerwetlook Pencil Dress with See-Through


Matte Wetlook Sleeveless Dress


Powerwetlook dress with chequered tape inserts


Wetlook Spaghetti Black Strap Dress - One Size


Wetlook Dress with Mesh Top Finish


Wetlook Polo Dress with Front Zipper


Wetlook Fishnet Open Cup Bondage Garter Dress with Cuffs


Wetlook Stretch Tube Dress


Wetlook Athena Mini Dress


Fishnet and Wetlook Garter Mini Dress