Nipple play and stimulation is such a simple but effective way to add a bit of spice to your playtime. You can stimulate them with your hands and tongue or go wild with new toys and clamp styles to really make it an event to remember. Below you’ll find our carefully curated guide to the best nipple play of your life.

The nipples have thousands of nerve endings and are such wonderfully sensitive erogenous zones, so take your time and go slowly - caress and lick them while you experiment with a little pressure, maybe even a couple of nibbles and gentle bite, and get a feel for what feels good. Massage the breast or pectoral muscles and use a little saliva or lube to create a different sensation before moving onto the toys. If you get bored of regular lube, move onto anything with a warming, cooling or tingling sensation to fully make use of all the nerve endings there.

There are many different styles of nipple clamps and toys, so spend some time working out what feels good for you and your partner. For newbies we recommend not leaving the clamps on too long until you are used to the sensation, and adjusting the pressure for maximum comfort (or discomfort) and pleasure as you need to. For seasoned nipple teasers, try attaching yours or your partner's nipple clamps to a harness, collar or anything that gives a little bit of a pull for a slightly different sensation. Try combining your favourite clamps with a bullet vibrator run over them, or find our vibrating nipple clips to keep the sensation localized and constant.

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Once you’ve mastered the basic sensations of the nipple and what it can do for you and your partner, it may be time to move onto some more intense sensations. We already mentioned warming and cooling lubes, so why not try some ice cubes or low temperature candles for some truly extreme temperature and sensation play.

Pinwheels can also be an incredible tool in nipple play, with their tiny spikes applying pressure over the chest and feeling more intense the closer to the nipple you get. Why not try combining the pinwheel with the electra stim setup outlined in our Eletro-Sex fetish page for the ultimate fetish combination. Wonderfully sadistic and superbly satisfying to watch your partner struggle to comprehend the feeling.

Our final more extreme recommendation for nipple play - flagellation. Breast tissue will lacerate faster than other body parts, making for some stunning vibrant marks from the cane, the whip, the flogger or even the hand. Spanking the nipples will allow all those much wanted endorphins to flow and create a feeling of pure ecstasy to push through the pain of punishment.
Nipples are much more resilient than you think, but they still have their limits, so it’s always important to play safe, keep toys and equipment clean, and not use too many abrasive techniques that could damage or break the skin until you know what you can handle. Keep in mind that inverted nipples are more prone to infection so take care and have fun!