Turn your fantasy into reality with our extensive range of enticing sexy costumes that are suitable for every fancy dress party or fantasy dress up. We have uniforms catering for every fancy from Burlesque to Naughty Nurse to Sexy Schoolgirl outfits to flirty French Maids, in a host of sexy fantasy fabrics including Latex, PVC, and Satin.


Costumes (11)

Mens Army Shorts Green


Latex Rubber Natasha Nurse Dress & Cap


Mens Army T-Shirt Green


Latex Rubber Army Dress & Beret


Naughty General Costume Blue & Red


Army General Costume


Rubber Military Trousers


Men's Khaki T Shirt with Black Stripes


Sargeant Latex Shorts


Major Rubber Shorts


Men's Black T Shirt with Yellow Stripes