Do you want a publicly available wishlist for others to spoil you?
1. Log into your account, or create one if you’re new.
2. Add all your outfit & bdsm desires to one list - add items to the wishlist on each product page, making sure they’re in your size.
3. Open your wishlist using the dropdown menu in the top right for desktop, or the bottom of the side menu on mobile.
4. Share your wishlist with a special someone using the share button.
5. They’re able to purchase any items for you.
6. Make sure your account is set up with the correct delivery address as your default.
7. We’ll take care of all of the admin, and the items will be sent directly to you (fully confidential of course).
The public wishlist is the best way to share your kinks, outfits and fantasies with a significant other. Send them a link and let them surprise you with any items that they’d like to treat you too.

For the dominants out there:
Why not share this with your submissive/s who’ll be able to buy you your favourite things. You can generate a link and share it over text message, email, social media, a website or whatever else! At no point will any personal information be shared.
Do you want to get your favourite person a gift?
You could always ask your special person to create a wishlist. It’s a great way to engage the conversation about what products they’d like to try. You can then be the special one to send them a kinky gift.

What better way to impress your dominant than by surprising and delighting them with a gift from their wishlist? We’ll take care of all the admin and ensure it gets to them.
The Process (access the shared link and then):
1. Access the wishlist link which has been shared with you.
2. Add any items you wish to purchase to your cart, making sure the selected size matches the size needed.
3. Proceed to checkout.
4. Enter the warehouse address as the delivery address, with the recipient’s name as the addressee.
5. Pay for and place the order - we’ll take care of the rest! We’ll let you know when it ships, but we’ll send the tracking to the recipient instead.
Reach out to us at if you have any questions and we’ll assist you in the process.