How To Clean & Store Latex Clothing

Latex from Honour Clothing is made with world-class rubber clothing craftsmanship. If you want to continue enjoying your sexy latex clothing for as long as possible, it is important that you look after your new latex garments by following a few simple tips for properly cleaning and storing your latex after use.You can follow some of these tips and tricks to hopefully prolong the life of your garment. So you can indulge in that shiny goodness time and time again. Besides, caring for your latex is all apart of that rubbery fun..

Intro to Latex
Latex Clothing has fantastic characteristics. It’s beautifully shiny and provides a skin tight feeling that’ll leave you wanting more. The nature of latex makes it a rather expensive material so it’s really important to care for it.

If stored and looked after correctly, a latex garment can last for years. Fortunately it’s a durable material compared to most other types. However it’s really important to clean and store your garment correctly. If not it can get damaged or start to look worn.

Taking Latex Off:
However little you want to get out of your little latex piece there comes a time. Once you’ve perfected the following technique though you’ll be able to jump in and out as much as you’d like!

So before we move onto cleaning your latex it’s really important to remove the garment without causing any tears. Make sure that you peel the latex. A great way to do this is to use your thumb to roll the latex using the momentum to get the garment off.

Cleaning Latex
So always hand wash your latex clothing. Using a washing machine or having it dry cleaned can damage the garment.

We’d recommend taking your latex to the bath. It gives you plenty of space and also you’re less likely to come into materials such as metal which can discolour the latex. It’s recommended that you wash rubber garments in lukewarm water, with a small amount of mild, unscented, and colourless liquid detergent (such as that used for washing-up liquid).

To remove sweat, dirt, and greasy silicone residue, submerge the latex in the soapy water and gently wash the item for around five minutes, turning it to ensure all parts of the garment come into contact with the water until it is clean. Avoid aggressive scrubbing or twisting actions as this could damage the material.

You can get special latex washes that have been specifically formulated for latex as a material. We’d recommend the BeGloss Special Wash Latex. It thoroughly cleans the latex without causing damage.

Drying Latex
Now your latex is clean. You’ve got two options:

Option 1:
Let it drip dry from a plastic or wooden hanger. It’s better to turn your latex inside-out as it will dry quicker. Don’t use a metal hanger, it could react (especially on lighter-coloured or transparent latex). This is a great way to let the latex naturally dry and is easy.

Option 2: Place the garment on a towel and rub the latex softly. Make sure you get all areas. This will dry it quicker but requires more effort than option 1.

You can always integrate the two by giving it a quick towel rub and then letting your latex drip dry for any excess water.

Expert Tip: If you’re latex piece features any metal buckles, studs, zips, or buttons and you really want to look after the garment. Then wrap the metal components in kitchen roll, white tissue paper or any other soft non-dyed material whilst drying.

Note: Depending on the method of shining your latex you have used, you may find that the layers of your latex become more rigid and stick together as they dry. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

To make your latex softer and more supple again, you should gently separate any stuck together parts of the rubber garment, and sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder over the item. You can rub this into the latex gently with your hands, which will prevent the item from sticking together anymore. Ensure you use unscented and undyed talcum powder for this stage.

Storing Latex Clothing
You’re latex is now clean and dry. If you store your garment correctly, you’ll be sure to have a piece as good as new for your next time. In fact if you wear and care for your latex properly, the material actually builds a natural shine and suppleness to it.

Firstly make sure the latex is completely dry before you store it. This will ensure that it stays in the desired state when left. You then want to place the garment on a non metal hanger and place it in a black polythene plastic garment bags (or a plastic bin bag if you don’t have a garment bag). Try to store latex individually, it stops any possible cross colour transfer or any other cross contamination if something goes wrong.

Expert Tip: Wrap the latex garment in tissue before placing it in a plastic bag. This will provide an extra soft layer to store your latex.

Your beautiful piece of latex clothing is now ready to store. The ideal state for storing your latex is in a cool dark place. Both UV and extreme heats can damage latex like it does to many materials.

A wardrobe works great, it is dark, cool and allows for your latex outfit to hang in style. It’s better to hang your latex garments in a wardrobe rather than fold them into a drawer. Permanent fold-lines can occur if latex is left folded or creased for a long time.

This set up means that your latex garment isn’t exposed to any light, extreme temperatures, other materials or well anything else. If you follow these tips your bound to keep that beautiful piece in tip top condition for years to come.

Cared for properly, latex clothing can last for decades. Following these care tips, (as well as those on shining and wearing your latex) will ensure you can wear your favourite latex outfits over and over again. For more information on taking proper care of your fetish fashion outfits, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, where we regularly post more guides on caring for all your fetish equipment, from PVC clothing to Sex Toys.