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Men's PVC Bottoms

Our range of men's PVC bottoms includes everything from thongs to jeans, so whether you're creating a fetish outfit, spicing up a casual one, or want to bare all - you'll find just what you need in our quality high-gloss PVC.

Men's PVC Bottoms

Men's PVC Bottoms (43)

PVC Boxer Shorts With Thru Zip


PVC Straight Cut Jeans


PVC Boxer Shorts With Front Zip


PVC Classic Boot Cut Jeans


PVC Boxer Shorts


PVC Male Bikini Briefs


Mesh Boxers With PVC Panel


PVC Male Thong Black


PVC Male Thong


PVC Male Pouch - One Size


PVC Male Eyelet Pouch - One Size


VynX Pants with Sheath


VynX Buckle Dungarees


VynX Pants with Pouch


VynX Cycle Shorts


PVC Male Zip Pouch - One Size


PVC & Lycra Male Thong - One Size


PVC Male Zip Thong - One Size


VynX Long Cycle Shorts


SkinTwo Secrets: Mens Random Clothing


Plastic Catsuit - Clear Black


PVC Skater Skirt In Black


VynX Skinny Jeans with Braces


SkinTwo Secrets: Men’s PVC Outfit


Buckle Thong


SkinTwo Secrets: Men’s Latex Outfit


VynX Camo Cycle Shorts


VynX Camo Briefs


VynX Woven Print Briefs


PVC Dominator Dress


VynX Woven Print Boxer Shorts


VynX Croc Print Leggings With Removable Braces


VynX Croc Print Boxer Shorts


VynX Croc Print Cycle Shorts


Vincent Zip Thru Shorts


Crimson PVC Waspie with Braces & Pleated PVC Skirt