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PVC Leggings & Trousers

Our racy range of PVC leggings and trousers will deliver high-gloss PVC shine for your legs and bottom, making you irresistible whether you pair them with a PVC jacket, bra, or nothing at all.

PVC Leggings & Trousers

PVC Leggings & Trousers (15)

PVC Zip Through Jeans


PVC Slinky Jeans with Front & Back Pocket in Black


PVC Leggings in Black


PVC Leggy Leggings in Black


Liquid Leggings


VynX Hug Me Leggings


PVC Leggings With Net Inserts


Over Trousers Transparent Black


SkinTwo Secrets: Women's Random Clothing


PVC Slinky Jeans with Front & Back Pocket


Purple PVC Leggy Leggings


PVC Zip Through Jeans in Purple


Purple PVC Leggings


Over Trousers Silver


SkinTwo Secrets: Women's PVC Outfit