How to: Shine Your Latex Clothing?

Next to how rubber feels against your skin when worn, one of the more alluring aspects of latex is its high-gloss fantasy shine. Honour is here to show you how to achieve and maintain a glossy finish on your new latex clothing with this handy latex shining guide!

Choosing your Latex Shine
So you’ve seen latex-clad people in movies, nightclubs or photoshoots and they look sexy! Latex is not naturally matte. That beautiful shiny finish comes from manually shining the latex. Just like doing your hair or getting ready before a special occasion. Shining your latex is a part of the fun and allows you to achieve your desired polish.

There are many products on the market which build shine on latex, allowing you to achieve that reflective finish you may have seen on the catwalk or on television. Some of these products are quicker to apply than others, and some are more laborious. It really depends on your personal preference and how much you enjoy the process. If you’ve never tried latex, then it’s worth noting that massaging shine into your latex is quite a soothing and rewarding experience.

The main types of latex shines are silicone serums, “blue milk” silicone polish, and silicone aerosol sprays. Each have their own advantages.

Option 1:
Silicone Shine Serums:

• The process is enjoyable
• Gives you full control over the level of shine
• Can be a part of an erotic situation

• It’s a time consuming process

A silicone shine serum is similar in consistency to a silicone personal lubricant, but are reliably latex friendly! A great serum to use is the Skin Two Serum. A small amount of latex shine serum will go a long way.

Serums like the Skin Two Serum are also designed as a dressing aid. You can apply it to your skin before putting latex on. This will stop it from sticking to you and make slipping into your garment that much easier.

To shine your latex you should spread the serum across the latex garment. Silicone shine serums can be applied with a cloth but many people enjoy the sensation and ease of simply applying latex shine serums with their bare hands (or someone else’s!)

To apply the silicone shine with your bare hands, simply tip a small amount into your hands and evenly coat the serum over your hands by rubbing them together. For best results this should be performed once the latex has been put on the wearer and performing a massaging action over the latex.

You can keep working the serum into the latex by spreading it around until you feel that the latex is no longer lubricated under your hands. At this point you can apply more shine to your hands and continue until fully coated.

Once the latex is fully coated in serum, you should check it under good lighting for any missed spots or streaks, these can then be buffed out with a cloth or your hands.

You may want to wash your hands with soap and warm water after applying latex silicone shine serum this way as your hands will become extremely slippery. Although it acts as a moisturiser so will naturally evaporate.

Top Tip:
Latex shine serums are thicker than other kinds of shine, and as such, create a higher-gloss finish on your latex. They can feel greasy due to their thickness once you have applied it. Don’t worry about this too much. Once your latex has absorbed the serum, it will feel less lubricated.

Latex silicone shine serums are great for applying to your latex when you are out and about as you can be wearing your latex while applying and they do not make a mess. Aerosol latex shine and polishes are often banned from latex club nights and venues as they make the floor slippery.

Option 2:
Silicone Aerosol Sprays:

• Quick method of applying shine
• Easy to apply

• Can get mess on the floor
• It’s harsh to the throat if large amounts are inhaled

Silicone latex shining sprays are a great way to get an even coat of polish on your latex quickly. These sprays, such as Honour Silicone Spray, come in an aerosol can which you can spray directly onto your new latex in an even coat without much buffering.

Simply lay your latex garment down on a flat surface, spray an even coat over the upwards-facing side, then wait for it to dry before flipping it over and repeating on the other side. This can be repeated as many times as you like as each new application will allow more shine to absorb into your latex

Once you have shined your new latex, it is a good idea to inspect your latex under good lighting. You can use a microfiber cloth to gently buff away any more densely-shined spots or to touch up any areas you have missed. Use soft slow motions to gently work the lubricant into the rubber.

Please note:There’s a possibility that you’ll get spray on the floor. Beware that this can be a slip hazard. You can put down a sheet beforehand to avoid this. It’s also a good idea to shine your latex in a well ventilated area as silicone sprays can be harsh if inhaled.

Option 3:
‘Blue Milk’ Silicone Polish

• Provide a unique matte shine
• Less greasy and less reflective
• Good base to use with other shines
• Good to remove talcum powder

• Doesn’t give that classic shiny latex look
• Time consuming

Some rubberists and latex-lovers prefer a “matte shine” on their latex, rather than a reflective one. Matte shines are less greasy than reflective ones, which some people find more comfortable, and others just simply prefer the matte latex look.

For this finish on your latex, you’ll want to choose a “Blue Milk” polish, such as Skin Two Liquid Shine. As you may have guessed, blue milk latex shine looks like a milky liquid.

To apply blue milk latex shine to your latex, you want to liberally spray a microfibre cloth with the shine, and use the damp side of the cloth to shine the latex using slow, deliberate strokes - no scrubbing!

Spread the latex polish from the top to the hem of your latex garment, re-applying the polish to the cloth as you progress. Once you have coated the entire latex garment, you’ll want to inspect it under good lighting to ensure you haven’t missed any spots or created any streaks. Streaks can be easily buffered away by using the same motion to work the polish into the latex.

Blue milk latex polish also makes a great latex cleaner, and a good base for other kinds of shine treatments, if you don’t mind spending some time on shining your latex. Blue milk latex shine is great for removing talcum powder from latex, and for a base on old latex which hasn’t been shined for some time.

Once you have shined your latex using blue milk polish as described above, you can go on to apply silicone lubricant serum or aerosol shine to create an enviable perfect high-gloss finish.

Shining up your latex is all apart of the fun. It’s a really really satisfying experience. Once you’ve tried it you’ll be sure to be wanting more! Give the different techniques ago and get to know what you like. Most importantly enjoy!

When choosing a latex shine product, ensure you choose a product which is made specifically for latex clothes. Some sprays on the market which are not-for-purpose are dangerous to wear on the body - and won’t be too kind on your latex either.

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