Impact play: A Lasting Impression

Impact play sounds like it might ‘pack a punch’ (pun intended), but in reality, it can be from the smallest tap to the largest thwack, it all depends on your kink. It can be a great way to mix things up, to become closer to your partner or to satisfy your need for enjoying pain. There are various forms of play and there are certainly varying degrees of impact, it all depends what works for both the sub and dom. Whips, spankers and paddles are often used; we would recommend the Leather Double Fringe Paddle for beginners. This type of BDSM isn’t something to go rushing into and should be considered carefully as not every participant will want the same level of force.

Types of play
Impact play for a more experienced person is a great way to add to a kinky scenario, whether it be punishment for a ‘naughty school girl’ or a ‘sex goddess who has come to enslave earth’.

Even out of a fantasy world it is adaptable, whether it be a Sub/Dom relationship or working within a power play for a punishment and disciplined scenario. Now we know that impact play can work within many sex scenarios, it is time to talk about how it can work for you and your partner.

How it can be enjoyed
Ultimately impact play has a large scale for types of pain, pleasure, force and techniques. How it can be enjoyed however is very particular, it involves a lot of trust and a genuine connection between two or more people.

Many people enjoy these sexual pleasures for varying reasons, a sensational experience, a force pulsing through their body or a satisfaction they are pleasing their playmate.

A build up is an important way to start, going full force with a Bull Whip will more than likely make your partner scared and potentially cause a pain so that they never want to experiment again. It is always best to build up the force, a gentle rubbing or a pat of the area to let your partner know you are about to start.

We would recommend using your hand first, to create a bigger connection and so that both parties are aware of the impact to give/receive. This builds a trust and means that the sense of pain can be enjoyed rather than feared. Once a trust is built up it is much easier to explore your inner desires and fantasies with your partner, it can also open more doorways into the BDSM world.

How to do it
The best part, how it’s done. There are many variations, below we will go into why it is important to not only explore sensations but also how to remain safe. The amount of force is determined on how much the receiver can take, but this also various depending on body location.

An example of this is that you wouldn’t hit the abdomen with the same force you would hit a buttock, this is because vital organs inside the abdomen aren’t protected against full force flogging. It is important to consider the force when selecting areas of the body communication is key.

Best products for impact play
There are different types of impact also, thudding and stinging. One creates a dull thudding feel the other a high and sharp - both can be just as satisfying but it is good to know what your partner and you like, using a whip may not have as much of an effect as an open palm.
Next we will talk about the different types of tools that can be used and what sort of pleasure they generate.

Previously mentioned, a paddle is a great place to start. It generates more of a thud but depends ultimately on its width and thickness. Paddles are quite safe items so using them doesn’t require too much direction although applying the correct amount of force is important, remember the weight and width of the paddle can also affect this.

Flogging allows you to spread the impact across your partner's body. With a handle and many strands coming out of the sensation is spread causing it to generate more of a snapping and stinging feel. Therefore it is important to start gentle with a flogger, again communication with your partner is key.

A simple way to use your flogger is to form a figure-8 motion so that the strands generate an ‘X’ on your partners back; more so, you can go to a local class or dungeon and discover techniques and styles on using a flogger in a safe way before using it on your partner.

We even have a Flogger Buying Guide for those who know they prefer a sting sensation and there are various other tools in our Blog that can help discover what works best for you - we even have a few metal items in there for you experienced players.

Possibly seen as the most common item for impact play as it appears in mainstream video and film more than others. Whipping can vary between sting and thud feeling depending on which type you use. Different types of whips include Bull, Snake, Signal, Stock, Cow and Bullock.

Whips are to be used with more care than normal as they can draw blood, create welts and damage internal organs in the body. It is for these reasons that you must practise on using a whip on a dummy or pillow before using it on your partner.

Crops are for the fierce BDSM partnerships. Crops often create a high stinging feel and most certainly require a level of knowledge before their use. Mainly used in large muscle groups, but they can also be used on hands and feet as a form of punishment, a crop is used very specifically on areas of the body.

A crop generates high impact in a singular area, due to this it becomes a high intensity and localised pain, this is why the cane should be considered as more of a finale product than a mid-play tool.

Now what works best depends on who you are and what you and your partner are in to. Exploring using a palm thud or a sting is the best way to get an idea of what you prefer.

A quick slap and a hard palm thud will generate two different feelings and can be a good way to know what type of impact is desired although it is important that force is kept to a minimum while experimenting at this stage.

Aftercare is possibly the most important part in maintaining a BDSM relationship. As simple as a cuddle or some sensual play can really enforce the trust and connection between people, or you can even rub some spanking cream into your partner's targeted areas to help with aftercare. Even going for a drink can really be beneficial in securing a next time experience is enjoyed.

Ultimately it is important to decide what works for both parties and to learn how to use those certain tools.

To understand the safety aspect of impact play and to check-in on your partner at regular times, including safe words to ensure everything is enjoyed and consensual.

It is also important to know how far to go, your partner may say they want to bleed or simply create a red mark under the skin, discussing the end result is important so the build up is created accordingly in order to stimulate and create suspense.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to help talk you through our varying range of items.