Lingerie Bodystocking Style & Buying Guide

A bodystocking encases the whole body in a beautiful fabric that flaunts all your features! The ultimate intimate lingerie! They are lightweight and feel fantastic against the skin. The lingerie bodystocking signify the sex appeal of the most risque lingerie! Most importantly a bodystocking will make you feel like an erotic being! You’ll feel exposed but in a completely empowering way!

The structure of a bodystocking means that they tend to come in only one size. Which is great as it makes ordering so much easier! The fabrics are soft and stretchy meaning they sit well on most body shapes.
You can get a range of bodystocking in queen size also. These are great for those in between a UK size 16-24. The Honour Queen Size Range is constantly updated so check it out!

There are varying materials that you can choose from for your bodysuit. All of these have slightly different properties. You’ll want to look across the styles and cuts to see what’ll make you feel like a goddess! You can check out a range of bodystocking styles LINK to work out the best for you.

One of the biggest decisions is deciding on what material you’d like to go for.

Fishnet- is one of the most popular bodystocking materials. It provides a netting around the body that creates a revealing nude style. The material is very comfortable and feels orgasmic next to the skin!

Lace- tends to be slightly thicker than fishnet. It’s revealing but mysterious providing a little bit more cover. Though you’ll still feel the perfect amount of nude with this seductive material!

Nylon- Provides an erotic spread of fabric across the body. The material has some fantastic cuts and styles to provide different levels of exposure.

A bodystocking comes in a range of colours. This really comes down to personal preference and where you’re wearing the outfit. A pink bodysuit LINK over a bra and knickers could make an exquisite outfit. Alternatively why not a black bodysuit LINK to seduce your loved one?

Crotchless vs Crotched
If you’re looking to use your piece of lingerie in an extra raunchy situation then having a crotchless piece LINK can be really beneficial. You can maintain that ultra sexy style whilst enjoying your sexual experience. There’s something quite special about wearing clothes whilst having sex also! One of our favourites is Fishnet Open Crotch Bodystocking.

The added barrier of a crotch, adds to the tease and makes for great foreplay. Not to mention if you’re looking to wear the bodystocking as a fashion accessory then it has added benefits. The decision really comes down to personal preference.

Customer Care:
Bodystockings are quite an exquisite piece of lingerie. They’re sexy and seductive. Very well priced and you don’t have to worry too much about sizing. If you’ve never tried one or have any more questions then remember to Contact Us.