The Ultimate Guide To Latex Clothing

Here at Honour we have been manufacturing our own latex clothing since 1992 and consider ourselves experts in this niche material. If you’re new to the land of latex, our beginner's guide will help you understand exactly why you should choose latex, along with the Do’s and Don’ts of caring and wearing your latex clothing! Latex clothing, also known as rubber, is heavily associated with the fetish scene however recent trends and features in movies and media has made latex increasingly mainstream. Don’t forget - Latex isn’t just for the brave, anyone can wear it!

How is latex clothing made?
Latex rubber is produced from a natural liquid from the rubber tree - Hevea Brasiliensis over a period of several years. The tree is unharmed by the procedure and the plantations used are completely renewable. The end result is a natural material, formed into sheeting with outstanding strength and unique elasticity. The final material is also completely biodegradable – leaving latex lovers with no guilty conscious! Latex Allergy - Don’t forget it’s important to carry out a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to the material. Even if you have used latex condoms before it’s better to be safe than sorry! We recommend placing a small piece of latex (a cut up piece of disposable latex glove for example) securely beneath your clothing for at least a few hours. This way you will see any possible irritation caused by an allergic reaction over time. If you have the all clear, it’s time to emerge yourself into the exciting world of latex fashion! Latex is a fun, sexy and unique fabric to wear but it can also be daunting for those who have never tried it before. Here at Honour we would recommend easing yourself into the niche of latex by starting small and trying latex accessories such as our range of gorgeous gloves or panties.

Latex is stretchy by nature, so don’t panic if you receive your item and it looks smaller than what you were expecting. When wearing latex you want to achieve a skin-tight fit which usually involves some wriggling to squeeze yourself in! When it comes to latex, the rule is the tighter the fit the better - as latex tends to deduct 2 – 3 inches off your normal figure when fitted correctly. This tight fit is sure to accentuate all of your curves in the right way and give you a sexy smooth silhouette. Whether you like wearing latex yourself, or get off on engaging with a person wearing it, rubber clothing has a power stronger than mere sex appeal. Latex is tight, flattering, and feels great against your skin. However, whilst latex clothes are gratifying and fun to wear, they come with their own set of unique challenges in terms of wearing, storing, and caring for them. Fortunately, at Honour we’re here to supply you with some tips to keep your rubber clothing shiny, strong, and sexy as ever!

Wearing your latex:
All rubber clothing from Honour are supplied unpolished and dusted with talcum powder to preserve the material and to allow you to choose your finish. We recommend shining your garments with Skin Two Dress & Shine 2-in-1 Latex Serum (A1488), but there are many great latex shining lubricants you can choose from. You should always apply either talcum powder or a dressing aid inside your latex garment or on your skin before use, this will allow you to easily slide into your latex clothes without sticking or tearing. We recommend dressing aid (such as Skin Two Dress & Shine 2-in-1 Serum) for any items with long sleeves or legs, such as catsuits, whereas talcum powder will work fine for less restrictive items such as skirts. When dressing yourself in latex, be aware of sharp items such as body jewellery or long nails, as a small tear will spread and can quickly become unstoppable. If you do tear your latex, please get in touch with us and we will advise you on the best course of action, including getting your latex professionally repaired if this is a viable option.

Cleaning and storing your latex:
After use, you should lightly dust your rubber with talcum powder to avoid the item sticking to itself whilst in storage. If an item is particularly dirty, before dusting with talc you can clean it with a small amount of washing up liquid and lukewarm water. You may wish to add some shine serum to the water to seal in the moisture. Take extra care when cleaning printed latex or latex with appliques, as these can show wear with vigorous rubbing or wiping. Store your latex items away from heat; daylight; metals; oils; or other, differently coloured latex garments. These can all stain or melt your latex - so avoid metal coat hangers and windows when considering where to keep your new sexy outfits!

Returning your latex:
In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your new latex clothes, or if you need a different size or style, we have a no-quibble 30-day returns policy. Latex clothes need to be returned to us clean and dusted with talc, in the same condition they arrived! For more information on how to return your items, please visit At Honour we want everyone to be as happy as they can be; so regardless of where you are on your latex journey, our Customer Service team will be available to help you. Just email us at and you will receive a response the next working day!

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