The Ultimate Guide To PVC Clothing

When it comes to looking sexy, nothing quite does the trick like PVC. The ultimate figure-hugging material, PVC outfits are for those who know how to work what they’ve got, whether in the bedroom or the club. However, PVC has its own care requirements to keep it looking its shiny, curve-enhancing best. To ensure your PVC investment lasts as long as possible, we’ve compiled some care tips for you to follow:

Choosing your PVC -

One of our favourite things about PVC clothing is its rigidity, which means once you have zipped yourself into your new PVC garment, it will remain flawlessly sexy and flattering all night long. As PVC doesn’t stretch to your body size and shape, we recommend purchasing the larger sized item if you find you are between the sizes displayed on an item’s size chart.

Cleaning your PVC -

It’s a good idea to lightly wash your PVC clothes after each wear to keep them looking their shiny best and to remove any perspiration residue. If you have only worn your PVC item for a short period of time, a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth can suffice. Firstly, NEVER put your PVC clothing in the washing machine, as this will alter the shape and finish of your garment. The same thing goes double for ironing your items - PVC is a type of plastic and WILL melt. Instead, hand-wash your PVC items in lukewarm water with a very weak detergent solution - this can be washing up liquid or clothes washing powder - and leave to soak for 10 minutes. You can use a soft cloth to wipe away stains, but beware of any scourers or cloths that might damage the finish of your PVC. If you feel that additional soaking time is required, we recommend that you soak the soiled part of the garment in isolation, while leaving the rest of the clothing out of the water. Once you are finished cleaning your product, rinse it thoroughly in cold water, ensuring all detergent has been washed from the surface of your product. PVC fabric is more resistant to wear and tear than latex, and PVC clothing does not require the use of any shining products. However you can polish your PVC clothing if desired with silicone lubricant in much the same way you would polish latex.

Storing your PVC -

How you will store your PVC clothing is an important element to consider. Each piece of PVC clothing should be kept on its own in a garment carrier. PVC materials can bond with cotton or other natural fibre clothes, and can also bond to itself, ruining your lovely new outfit forever. PVC clothing should also be stored in a location which is not too warm, and kept away from natural light, as this will prevent melting. Depending on how often you wear them, PVC clothing can last indefinitely. Understandably, everyday use of a piece will reduce its lifespan but with a wardrobe of PVC sufficient for rotation of clothing, and properly maintained, we would expect each piece to last a decade looking great. When maintaining your PVC clothing, please bear in mind that our advice here is to be used only as a guide -- you should use your own discretion when looking after your beautiful new shiny clothes. If you have any problems with PVC garments bought from Honour, or would like more advice, there is always someone available to help you at

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