Get the look: PVC Catsuit ‘Sex Appeal and Style’

Stunning, striking and drop dead gorgeous are just some of the phrases to use when talking about a pvc catsuit. PVC gives that brilliant shiny and restrictive look without the skin tight feeling of latex. Now match that with the enclosed nature and full coverage of a catsuit and you have a whole load of sexiness for one outfit! A pvc catsuit seems to compliment so many different figures from a XXS to 6XL. They seem to enhance the beauty of all sorts of shape and sizes. Not to mention that they’re super comfortable for something that is guaranteed a reaction!

Pure Sex Appeal:
A PVC catsuit just seems to frolic curves and encentuate shapes like nothing else.There is something quite special about a fully covered figure especially when it is covered in pvc! PVC catsuits provide sex appeal to any situation and they are used in all sorts of scenarios because of it. So many role play fantasies can consist of a pvc catsuit. PVC Catsuits with a Zip are great for this, especially when foreplay ramps up to the next stage.

Get PVC in that Cosplay Outfit:
PVC Catsuits are also very common within cosplay scenarios. They’re a great base to create all sorts of cool characters out of! They give that beautifully shiny look that compliments a cosplay look. In fact, pvc catsuits are so suitable as a costume that one of our busiest times here at Honour for PVC Catsuits is Halloween. Match one with a face of halloween themed make up, some cat ears or well whatever else you can think of and they will give you a gloriously sexy fancy dress outfit!

PVC Catsuits are a great base for outfits in general and therefore are great to include in other other outfits. Have you ever seen a catsuit with a corset over the top? They look fantastic!

In the Media:
If you keep up to date with any sort of mainstream media you will have seen pvc is constantly mentioned. Celebrities love the stuff and they’re guaranteed a reaction. For such a unique outfit, PVC Catsuits command a disproportionate amount of the centre stage. This in itself is a compliment to the look.

PVC at the party:
Jonathan Ross’s Halloween party is renowned for being everything crazy! Have you seen the strictly come dancing judge Shirley Ballas in her pvc catsuit? She looks fantastic and OK magazine agree. What about Victoria Beckham’s PVC catsuit appearance for Vogue? High fashion or glamour magazines, you name it the PVC Catsuit has been covered in them!

Styling a PVC Catsuit:
A pvc catsuit is a simple but yet elegant addition to a wardrobe. There are stylistic options when choosing. These are really down to personal preference. Get them right though and you’ll appreciate the catsuit way more! Watch the PVC 2 Way Zip Catsuit below. A great example of a long sleeve black catsuit.

To sleeve or not to sleeve?
When you think of a catsuit you tend to think of a catsuit that covers the whole body. Although sleeveless catsuits are really popular. They both give fantastic looks it just really depends on your personal style. Long Sleeved catsuits give a more restrictive look whereas non sleeved catsuits provide a bit more freedom within the style. You can also get Short Sleeved PVC Catsuits these give an almost shirt style look to the upper body of the catsuit.

PVC catsuits come in a range of colours. Black gives a fantastic classical look and is the most popular. Characters such as catwoman and black widow symbolise the iconic look! Absolute class and style! Although other colours are super sexy and are great to mix things up! For example a Red PVC Catsuit is extra striking and has that association with danger or purple has a more sophisticated look to it.

Shout out for PVC Catsuits:
PVC Catsuits are sure to be a firm favourite in all aspects of life. It seems that if you want to make an appearance then a pvc catsuit is a good choice. It commands the room and just symbolises sexy! We’re pretty sure that pvc catsuits will continue its relationship with mainstream media and high fashion. We love it and we’re excited to continue reading about the escapades of models and celebrities in the outfit. More importantly though some of the everyday stories we hear of people in catsuits are fascinating and we want to hear more!

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