Holiday Sex Toy Tips

1. The smaller the better! - If taking a toy, make sure it's on the smaller side to avoid an embarrassing bag search! Remember to take out the batteries, and purchase them at your destination. However, if you do get searched - be honest - there's nothing sillier than someone pretending to be shocked at the super charged rabbit that has somehow snuck into their luggage.

2. Lube it Up! - If you’re carrying lube, make sure it’s under 100ml - this adheres to travelling guidelines, and in the unfortunate case of a spillage - won’t cause too much mess!

3. Don’t Get Put in Handcuffs! - It is illegal to carry sex toys in some countries, so make sure to check local laws before you set off. Keep the handcuffs in the bedroom!

4. Stay Safe - Make sure you take condoms with you on holiday - you don’t want your fun to have bad consequences! Make sure you only bring back good memories and some naff souvenirs.

5. We’ll Meet You There! - If these tips haven’t put your mind at rest, remember, if you’re ordering new toys and goodies for your hols, just tell us to deliver them to your destination! No stress, no fuss, and your order will be there waiting for you.