Honour's Sex Alphabet A-Z

Are you looking for new ideas? Or just want to be reminded of some old ones? We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of all the different things you should be aware of in our kinky world of Fetish. The list is ever growing and we know that there are a few letters that can have double representation. So take a look at our and then tell us, what’s on your sex list?

At the top of our list has to be Anal Play. If you haven’t tried it you’re certainly missing out, as anal play is one of our most searched for terms! There are tonnes of beginners kits on our website and many advanced plugs too, check them out for yourself!
B - Bondage

Ankle Cuffs, wrist cuffs, collars, we do love a bit of bondage here at Honour, which is why we have our own Subservient Starter Bondage Kit. If you haven’t tried it you’re certainly missing out.

Cockrings come in so many different varieties it's difficult to name them all! All the way from ribber to attached prostate massagers, this tight fitting device sits at the base of your shaft and add all sorts of pleasure to your sex-a-thon.

D - Dildo's

If you haven’t got a dildo, you have certainly come to the right place to get one! We love our dildo's and we know all different sorts of people love theirs too. A dildo is perfect tool for getting yourself off on your own or even as an extra helping hand during sex!
E - Electrostimulation

Buzz buzz! This shocking sex act is when you use electricity to stimulate yourself. It can be used on the genitalia or around different areas of the body, it’s all whatever gets you off.

F - Flogging

No BDSM session is complete without some flogging. A flogger is a handheld device, the handle follows up to the tip which is multiple threads of material. These threads are flung at the recipient's body and generate an impactful thud, great for those who love to put their sub in their place!


If you have found yours, you know why this one just HAD to be in our alphabet! The G-Spot, if you know, then wow, you know. If you don’t, then feel free to check out some of our tools that can help!
H - Hoods

An item used more commonly in fetish and BDSM play, a hood is an item that can cover your entire head or leave out your face to give the sub or dom some sexual pleasure. They can be completely deprived of senses or be completely covered up to go with a catsuit.

From a slap across the bum to paddles smacked across your thighs, impact play is definitely bound to excite you in the bedroom. We love a bit of impact play, and we are sure that it will leave a lasting impression on you too.
Japanese rope bondage is known as Kinbaku but the art form of Japanese rope is known and shibari. The two are often interchanged with one another in western culture but Kinbaku relates to the sexual practice as a whole.
K - Kegal Balls

Kegal balls can be used for many reasons, the one reason you need to know is that they help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can give you a stronger orgasm. You can find them here, you’re welcome in advance.

L - Latex

Latex is one of the biggest fetishes our Honour customers love. Latex has its very own section on our website and for many reasons, between male and female, bras, corsets, catsuits, shirts, shorts, our range is so vast you’ll be lost in it for hours! Latex is great for not only roleplay or dress up, but perfect if you love your clothes tight fitting to highlight your sensational figure.
Gentlemen, is your left hand getting that little bit more familiar? Or the sock just not doing it justice any more? You certainly need to get yourself a masturbator. Not only are these toys giving you a realistic experience, but you can also be sure, no experience will be like the last. Some come with multiple channel holes giving you real life experiences of a vagina, mouth and anus. Get the sensations you’ve always desired when playing by yourself.
Ever brushed over your nipples during sex and suddenly become aroused? From licking to pinching, there are so many ways to get horny over your nipples. Get some hot wax and pour it over or use an ice cube to get it erect. You can even get some nipple clamps to focus up top while you focus downstairs.
O - Orgasm

The Big ‘O’. Ladies and Gentlemen, your big O, we hope everyone reading this has had theirs and if you haven’t, you can find a bunch of self-pleasuring devices to get one here. Here at Honour we hope everyone gets their next Big O soon.

P - Pegging

Pegging is the term referring to use a strap on and insert your dildo into your partner. Pegging is very common for a same-sex pairing to experiment with but is also becoming more and more popular with the heterosexual relationships. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Q - Queer

Queer is the term that overarches the LGBT community, commonly now referred to as LGTBQ+. The original meaning of the term is to be a little strange, which we think is great because the best people aren’t boring or plain, they’re a little bit strange and we love that.
R - Role Play

Role play is the perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom. It varies from switching up your profession and becoming a firefighter, to dressing up a baby and having your significant other look after you. Some couples take their role playing out of the home and meet in bars as complete strangers with different characters.

Ever closed your eyes whilst your partner went down on you so you can enjoy the pleasure? There is a reason for it too, by losing one of your senses your others heighten. Which is why things like blindfolds and gags are so popular in our world.
Ever wanted to get things hotter in your sex life, or maybe you need to cool your partner off from finishing too fast. You can use many different things to help with this, things like candles or ice cubes. Creating different sensations across the body and really keeping one another on their toes.
U - Urophilia

Urophilia or how it’s more commonly known as Golden Showers. Urophilia is when people have a fetish for all the urine, from bathing in it to having it poured over themselves. A lesser known fetish but just as kinky as the rest.

Vibrators gives you the one sensation your partners can’t, that amazing buzz. They can come in many different sizes, from bullets to life-size cocks. Some even come with a rabbit attached to the side to stimulate your clitoris at the same time. Every girl's best friend, the vibrator.
W - Whips

Whips are the perfect tool to put your submissive back into their place and really add a powerful impression to a dominants outfit. You can get whips in different lengths, different tips and they’re always guaranteed to have a sting in their tail.

X - Xenophilia

Xenophilia is when someone is attracted to inanimate objects, certain mannerisms, specific cultures or people. This fetish can really vary, from being in love with a car to loving people from Cuba, there is no limit on this ideology and definitely one of the more interesting items on our list!

Y - Yaoi

Yaoi, also known as Boys Love or BL. Is a form of Japanese anime porn, created by women for women but with its ever growing popularity has attached the attention of some gay male audiences.

Z - Zentai

Zentai fetishes are when a person loves being in or is attracted to people in full body spandex or lycra suits. Some people may commonly know these as morph suits but they are not quite the same material feel. There’s just something about not knowing someone’s identity that gets the loins hot.