The Latex Shop: Latex Shopping since 1988

Latex shops are a key part of the alternative community. They have been apart of both alternative and mainstream culture. In the 1970’s designers such as Vivienne Westwood started to influence the fashion industry and this led to new materials like latex being used. This is when the emergence of physical latex shops occurred. Designers put together beautiful artistic pieces together in latex and these were made widely available to the public through their storefronts. These physical shops were not widely available and often sold many other designs using other materials. However, the 80’s and 90’s happened. A fantastic couple of eras that promoted sexual liberation and excitement. An era of punk culture and sheer craziness! This was the height of the latex shop in physical form. Shops emerged all over the country, especially in areas associated with counter cultures such as Soho and Camden.

Latex Shops and Latex Designers:

The latex shops and latex designers were undeniably connected to the growing fetish scene. A community soon began to form around latex as a material in itself. Terms such as ‘rubberists’ became more popular and the fetish scene as a whole began to boom! A community began to form organically around acceptance, respect and having a lot of fun! The connection between latex clothing and this counterculture was undeniable. This is where Honour and the latex shop’s history began to intertwine.

Buying From a Latex Shop:

Buying latex is so much fun. Any good latex shop will offer a wide range of garments in a range of sizes. It can be daunting to buy for the first time but you can’t beat the look or feel of latex once it is on! One important element of latex is you must care for it. You can use serums and dressings aids to shine it up and to glide into it. You can see our range of latex care products here. When buying from a latex shop have a good think about what kind of style you are looking for and what its purpose is. If you want to get advice on the best latex garments for your particular need, just ask the shop as they should be happy to help. The other important aspect is to think about is budget. Do not buy cheap latex. You will only have a bad experience with it! It would be a massive shame as everything about latex should feel luxury.

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Buying Latex Online:

So why buy off an online latex shop? There are so many reasons but the main reason is the wide range of choices available. An online shop can stock its range in a large warehouse and can therefore manage 1000s of products which are accessible with the click of the button. This means that you have the pleasure of choice. For example at Honour, we have over 14000 products stored in our 15000 sq ft warehouse. These can all be dispatched for next day delivery and be with you to your door. When it comes to latex shopping, this arrangement allows you to find the perfect latex piece! Any reputable company will also allow you to return items if they are not right so you don’t have to worry about incorrect fitting etc. You can also call or email and ask for advice. What is great about this arrangement is that it can all be done from the comfort of your home. Though do be careful, there are many unscrupulous companies out there, so make sure you are buying off a reputable retailer. Masturbation can naturally fight insomnia through hormonal and tension release. Dopamine, the “feel-good” hormone, is increased during the anticipation of a sexual climax; so after climax, the calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released, making us feel the warm, relaxed and thus helping us to drift off to sleep. Masturbation is associated with improved cardiovascular health and lower risk of type-2 diabetes. Orgasm increases pelvic floor strength, which strengthens the entire region, as well as your sexual satisfaction.

Buying from a Physical Latex Shop:

Clearly buying online is more convenient and provides a wider selection. However, a physical latex shop provides a intimate atmosphere to make your purchases. It allows you to try on as much latex as you would like, allowing you to make sure that you make the right decision. You don’t have to worry about sending items back if they don’t fit as you can get the fitting just right in store and there is nothing quite like having the advice of a sales assistant directly with you. Something feels more comfortable about purchasing latex in store, especially if it is your first time. The warmth of a store and discussing your needs with a sales assistant. It can be a day out, an event and this can’t be replicated online. Masturbation can strengthen the sexual relationship with a partner. Allowing someone to witness you masturbate will not only build sexual confidence with each another, but you’ll be able to guide and teach your partner about what feels good for you, which will inevitably make him feel good knowing he’s doing it right.

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Honour’s History as a Latex Shop:

The Honour story began in 1988 with the opening of the first store in Waterloo, London. The story though started with a lingerie store. However as the 90s began, the central london atmosphere of fetish, alternativeness and kink was encapsulating and Honour began to expand its stock into fetish based clothing. This was when the Honour latex shop really hit off and it has continued to grow. Honour soon became a designer, manufacturer and retailer of latex as well as other materials. It was obsessed with the fetish scene and what it could offer as a latex shop and a fetish shop in general. Honour’s latex sprawled across two floors, an interesting clientele of politicians, celebrities, punks, rubberists and many other groups soon became customers. It was an exciting time and many stories were shared in the shop about experiences with latex and the fetish scene in general. The shop grew to offer a range of toys, BDSM equipment and accessories. To this day, it still remains a fetish shop. One of the oldest latex shops in the UK. Although, Honour continued to grow. You can read more about Honour's history in our Honour London:Flagship Store blog post.

The Digital Latex Shop and the Future

Honour was one of the first fetish companies to make the move online. This allowed an expansion of stock and things grew from strength to strength. Honour began producing more styles, more ranges and more products. However, it kept latex right at the centre of what it did. It offered one of the the largest ranges of latex out of any online latex shop in europe. Not to mention, it also supplied a range of other clothing, equipment and accessories. This legacy has continued even today. Honour is one of the largest latex shops on the internet and its second shop in Watford has one of the largest selections of latex available in the world. It is still deeply connected with the fetish community by holding events and BDSM workshops, as well as donating to relevant charities and supporting marginalised groups within the kink community. We’re proud of our latex, our designs and our manufacturing processes. Hopefully we will be able to continue doing what we love to do and be apart of the future of the latex shop.