Top Valentines Gifts and Ideas

It’s Valentines and we’re excited for another year of sexploration! Lovers of all ages and sexuality should use this day to experiment with new ideas and take the time to rekindle old fantasies. Whatever your plans, having a way to turn up the heat when you hit the bedroom is a sure way to make it the best day and night of the year! We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Valentine gift ideas.

Red, Red and Red!

Research has shown that red is the colour of seduction and romance, energy and passion. It triggers a primal extinct and brings out a boldness in us. Valentines Gifts in red naturally seem more romantic because of it. That’s why any sexy gifts in red tend to emblazon your desires and leave your partner in utter lust! Why not try a Red Paddle? Or what about a pair of Red Stiletto Pumps? Putting a set together in red not only looks sexy but it also shows a level of thought. What better way to win over your Valentines! You could even theme a whole night around the colour!

Red Bondage Cuffs

In terms of specific gifts. A great option is Red Bondage Cuffs. Put them in a box with a card and it hints at kinky whilst also being subtle. What better way to get your Valentines in the mood! A bondage scenario is a great way to create that risque atmosphere you’d love for Valentines. Add it alongside some red petals, dimmed lights and it won’t be a night to forget.

Dresses, Corsets, Gloves?

A red outfit shouts confidence and screams seduce me when worn in the bedroom. It feels special. Especially if red is normally a no within the wardrobe. There’s nothing better than getting your partner a dress that they’re hesitant to get themselves.

They’ll cherish it and hopefully remember the memories of an orgasmic evening by it. The Red PVC Severity Body was really popular last year. It won’t break the bank cost wise and looks fabulous for a romantic evening. Plus who wouldn’t want it in their wardrobe?
Valentines for Her: Vibrating Panties or Wand

Getting her that special present is always going to be a challenge. Though going for something orgasmic is a pretty good try. Two of our favourites for her are Vibrating Wands and Vibrating Panties. Vibrating panties look great as a lingerie item. They’re just way more fun! The panties come with a wireless control so she’ll be able to enjoy on her own and with you.

Vibrating Wands are bound to get her all excited. This is such an all round gift for her. It's like saying, ‘yes I respect you’re intimate time alone’. How selfless! Not to mention, they’re great to use as a massage tool in an intimate session between the both of you. Could it even come out for Valentines itself?
Valentines for Him: Cock Ring

Are you buying for a him? You know what he likes? If you don’t, buying a sexy gift is a great way to learn! Cock Rings are really popular at Valentines. Their great for extending passionate sex for just that bit longer on your special night. Besides, he’s going to be over the moon with this little aid! It’ll put him straight in the mood Prostate Massagers, Penis Pumps, you name it! Any sex based toy is a good way to your partners heart!