Skin Two UK Natural Male Chastity Cage Chastity
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Natural Male Chastity Cage

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    Representing the natural lines of the penis, this Natural Male Chastity Cage is a virtually undetectable chastity device designed for long-term wear. The slope of the cage makes it virtually undetectable under clothing, and a perfect fit can be achieved through testing of the various cuff sizes. This item has five different sizes and allows the wearer to experiment in order to find his exact size. The rings swivel at the bottom making it easy to put on. Each ring consists of two guide pin holes and a recessed locking pin hole. Spacers are provided for an individual fit. These spacers go over the locking pin, between the cuff ring and the cage. The cage portion has two guide pins and a locking pin hole. The cuff ring goes behind the ball sack and over the penis. Install the locking pin and the spacers. Put the cage over the penis and then line up the cage portion with the cuff ring. Slide the guide pins and locking pin into place and attach a lock on the tip of the locking pin. Once you have found the exact fit, cut the ends of the guide pins with a pair of side cutting pliers and smooth the edges with an emery board.
    • Brand : Raw Bondage
    • Cb Type : Cock Cage
    • Chastity Type : Cage
    • Material : Plastic