Anal play may seem scary, but it’s not when you follow a few basic steps. It’s not for everyone and it may take you a while to get used to, or you may find out that it’s just not what you’re into and that’s fine. Below you’ll see our basic guide to entering the world of anal play, along with a couple of product recommendations.

Hygiene is probably the biggest worry when it comes to anal play, so we’ve made it simple for you. The simplest option is to make sure you’ve visited the bathroom before any anal play, had a quick shower and cleaned your anus with soap and water. That’s all there is to it, and you’re not going to make a mess, and if you’re still worried there are precautions you can take. We have a wide range of douches to cleanse your rectum, and condoms to keep your partner(s) or toys clean and worry free. Douching is not necessary, however if it makes you feel more at ease then we recommend it!

Hygiene post anal play is equally important, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands, any toys and clean up all that lube with tissues, wipes or a quick shower. Soap and water is your friend, and a specially formulated toy cleaner is the best way to keep your buttplugs and dildos fresh and long lasting.


Gentle, slow and lube - the three most important things when starting your anal play journey. Starting with a finger and a generous amount of lube, going gently and using more lube if necessary is the best way to begin. Find a position that is comfortable for you, often on your back or side is best for beginners, and whilst it won’t get anything as deep as doggy, it will allow you time to get used to the sensation. Your fingers are the best thing to start with as they’re slim, you have control over them and they’re free! Experiment with different depths, angles and motions whilst you find what works for you. Some people like circular motions, while some prefer just a simple thrusting motion.

Once you’re comfortable with a finger you can add another or try the addition of a penis, remembering the anus is not self lubricating like the vagina is, so lube is your friend! Lube formulated especially for anal play is best, but you can use a generic lube should you wish, and if it hurts make sure to stop, breathe and take it slow.


Once you’re ready to move onto toys, the most important thing to remember is they need to have a wide base, to avoid them getting stuck inside and that embarrassing Dr’s trip everyone’s heard about! Begin with something small again, we recommend a slim buttplug or dildo, and often silicone is a wonderful first choice as it’s flexible and mimics the feel of skin. Some people like to insert a small butplug and leave it in for a while to get used to the sensation of something larger being inserted.

If you wish to use condoms over toys to keep them cleaner or add additional lubrication, make sure you use a water or silicone based lubricant to avoid corroding and breaking the condom. Using as much lube as you wish is the best way to take any new toy, and remember to only go as far as you’re comfortable. Respecting your own limits is the most important thing with anal play, there’s no use going straight for a 12 inch fisting dildo straight after your first little anal plug, it simply won’t happen and you’ll get hurt. Take your time to learn what materials, shapes and sizes you like, and what you don’t.