Role-playing is a form of interactive storytelling in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. In terms of fetish and kink this can easily be adapted to a wide variety of roles and provide a huge amount of escapism for the players. Role play can include pet play, but will often involve nurses, maids, or anything from educators, to Santa and his naughty elf (if you’re being festive) or any professional and their client. The usage of role play can be a fun addition to your bedroom time, or a more hardcore BDSM based activity, where the roles are strictly adhered to, and enforced.

Roleplay doesn’t always have to include sexual acts - it can be used as foreplay or the main event depending on preference. Some players may find it hard to get into character while getting started, but the more deeply you immerse yourself in this fantasy, the easier it will become.

Most commonly, there is some form of dominant and some form of submissive role within fetish roleplay, but this is not always the case. You can manipulate all the roles to suit your tastes and desires, but there’s a reason some story setups are more popular than others. Commonly used character bases are maids and nurses, as they fit the nature of a submissive serving someone of a higher standing. Nurses tend to better fit those who enjoy showing more care towards their dominant, whilst a maid can have a little more variety while exploring the role. Many dominants enjoy watching their maids clean for them and serve them in pure submission, while others enjoy the kind who will talk back and invite punishment. If you don’t feel like taking on a different role or character, you can even use role play to take on a different D/s role than you usually would. Perhaps you’re a submissive who’d like a chance to talk back without punishment, or just wish to change it up, the stage is yours!


The outfits are never essential, but they can make or break a role play session. For the typical maid and nurse roles, we have a wide selection of dresses and accessories to choose from, but that is not to say you must dress traditionally for the role you’ve taken on. The beauty of role play is you can be anything you wish, and explore which outfits and accessories help you feel best. Cross dressing can also fall under the umbrella of role playing and for fetishes such as this, the clothing and how you style and present yourself is vital to taking on the role of the character or persona you have chosen. It is important to remember that crossdressing is also its own thing, separate from role play, but there is an unmistakable overlap between the two.

The beauty of role play is that it is such a broad fetish that you can easily incorporate any fetish other with it. Those of you who enjoy crossdressing may enjoy combining a maid role play with chastity and the idea of locking up your manhood to play a traditionally feminine role, or even pushing it as far as good old C&B. As mentioned above, these roles tend to follow dominant/submissive characteristics, so there’s plenty of opportunity for your classic S&M, incorporation of your favorite BDSM scenes and equipment, plus anything else your heart desires. There is no right or wrong when it comes to role play and the sky really is the limit as to what you can achieve.