Bejeweled Nipple Clamps Silver
Bejeweled Nipple Clamps Silver
Bejeweled Nipple Clamps Silver
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Bejeweled Nipple Clamps Silver

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This Bejeweled Nipple Clamps Silver set is so much fun. The clamping jaws are covered in black rubber, and this protects the nipples as they are clamped. An adjustable screw is used to alter the clamping force, and so these nipple clamps can be set to stay in place or to provide some pain play. Once clamped in place, any movement will cause the attached bells to jingle. Couple them with some impact play for a delightful nipple bell rendition. Make sure that once clamped in place you regularly remove them to let the blood flow back into the nipples. This is the best part as when the blood rushes in, the excited nerves deliver painful pleasure, which can become quite addictive. Measuring in at 7.5cm/8inch in length, the jaws will open for even the largest nipples. Nipple play is fun on your own but even better with a partner, throw in some restraints and a blindfold, and you have an instant Bondage scene.
  • Brand: Raw Toys
  • Fastens: Screw
  • Material: Metal