Skin Two UK Quickie Gag Mouth Bit - Black Gag
Skin Two UK Quickie Gag Mouth Bit - Black Gag
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Quickie Gag Mouth Bit - Black

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    The Quickie Gag Mouth Bit - Black is another fantastic quick fit silicone gag that is simple, effective, body-safe and delightfully easy to fit or remove. The one-piece silicone construction means it is both simple and easy to use. Just place the bit between the jaws of a submissive and stretch and pull the 42cm strap over their head. It will hold the bit (16cm) in place very effectively. This design is quick and easy to use, so you don't lose any play tempo, and it alleviates getting hair trapped in rear buckles. Body-safe silicone is both latex and phthalate-free as well as being non-porous. This means cleaning after a drooly play session is easy, wash in warm soapy water. Any submissive would be chomping at the bit to get their teeth into this easy fit mouth bit. Mouth gags are a superb way to place a person into a vulnerable and submissive state when playing. The constant drooling can be a turn on or an embarrassment and can heighten play.
    • Brand : Quickie
    • Contains Aspartame : No
    • Contains Glycerine : No
    • Contains Latex : Not Applicable
    • Contains Phthalates : Not Applicable
    • Fastens : Elastic
    • Gag Type : Bit
    • Material : Silicone


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