Latex Clothing

With over 30 years of fetish fashion history, Skin Two (previously Honour) is the place to come for all of your latex fashion needs - for both men and women.From latex enclosure catsuits to fashionable skin-tight dresses and underwear, we have every design you could need to look your shiniest, sexiest, best - whether you're dressing up for the club or want some sexy latex for the bedroom.


Latex (756)

Black Moulded Short Latex Gloves

83,00 zł

Skin Two Latex Dress & Shine 100ml

57,00 zł

Moulded Latex Stockings in Black

207,00 zł

Pjur Cult Dressing Aid 100ml

73,00 zł

Deep V Neck Mini Latex Dress in Black

212,00 zł

Rubber G-String in Black

93,00 zł

Black Latex Four Strap Corselette

449,00 zł

Latex T-Shirt

413,00 zł

Latex Crotchless Zip Thong - Black

202,00 zł

Underwired Power Latex Bra

244,00 zł

Seamless Rubber Long Pencil Skirt

196,00 zł

Classic Latex Catsuit in Black

1.187,00 zł

Pouch Latex Thong

176,00 zł

Skinny Latex Jeans in Black

568,00 zł

Male Latex Catsuit With Front Through Zip

1.213,00 zł

Bondage Latex Corset

490,00 zł

Baroness Latex Body

568,00 zł

beGloss Perfect Shine Polish Wipe - Small

73,00 zł

Rubber Mistress Blouse in Red & Black

697,00 zł

Black Datex Leggings

387,00 zł

Thru Zip Booty Latex Shorts

310,00 zł

Mens Army Shorts Green

305,00 zł

Sensuous Latex Stockings

418,00 zł

Black Moulded Shoulder Length Latex Gloves

114,00 zł

Black Seamless Elbow Length Latex Gloves

104,00 zł

Skin Two Latex Cleaner 250ml

67,00 zł

Vivishine Latex Polish 150ml

88,00 zł

Silicone Spray 400ml - UK ONLY

67,00 zł

Vividress Latex Dressing Aid 220Ml

119,00 zł

Pjur Cult Ultra Shine 250 Ml

114,00 zł

Moulded Rubber Socks in Black

98,00 zł

Red Moulded Short Latex Gloves

83,00 zł

beGloss Perfect Shine Traveller 100ml

62,00 zł

Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress

852,00 zł

Moulded Latex Stockings With Open Feet in Black

227,00 zł

Latex Dress with Suspenders in Black

263,00 zł