PVC Clothing

Indulge yourself in our seductive range of PVC clothing including catsuits, dresses and accessories to add to your fetish clothing wardrobe. You won’t be able to find a wider selection of fabulous and sexy PVC clothing ranging for all different sizes, anywhere else! Whether for the bedroom or the night club we have the perfect ensemble for you, with fierce yet tantalising designs to satisfy your appetite for all things PVC! For further information look at the following guide on PVC


PVC (554)

PVC Long Gloves in Black

124,00 zł

PVC 2 Way Zip Catsuit

437,00 zł

PVC Melody Maid Dress in Black & White

411,00 zł

PVC G-String

52,00 zł

PVC Delilah Dress

298,00 zł

PVC Sleeveless Body

283,00 zł

Open Front Plastic Cape - Red- One Size

334,00 zł

Plastic Enclosure Cape - Matte Blue - One Size

180,00 zł

Plastic Tie-Front Mac - Clear

129,00 zł

Plastic Enclosure Cape - Pearl Polka - One Size

180,00 zł

Bonking Apron - Clear

144,00 zł

Plastic Enclosure Cape - Black - One Size

180,00 zł

Plastic Tennis Dress - Pink Polka

267,00 zł

PVC Boxer Shorts With Thru Zip

165,00 zł

PVC Classic Suspender Belt in Black

129,00 zł

PVC Kinky Knickers

118,00 zł

Sultry Open Cupped PVC Basque in Black

242,00 zł

PVC Monroe Pencil Skirt

206,00 zł

PVC Zip Through Jeans

303,00 zł

PVC Classic Shirt

334,00 zł

PVC Seductress Bra in Black

154,00 zł

Plastic Tie-Front Mac - Yellow

129,00 zł

Plastic Vintage Raincoat - Black

154,00 zł

Plastic A Line Jacket - Black

247,00 zł

Plastic Jessica Raincoat - Sea Glass Green

206,00 zł

Plastic Long Skirt - Matte Pink

180,00 zł

Bonking Apron - Black

144,00 zł

Plastic Vintage Raincoat - Red

154,00 zł

PVC Buckle Waspie Belt in Black

221,00 zł

PVC Playsuit With 2 Way Zip in Black

293,00 zł

Powerwetlook Pencil Skirt

360,00 zł

PVC Daisy Dukes Shorts

195,00 zł

Powerwetlook Catsuit with Tulle Inserts

360,00 zł

Sleeveless Zip Top

231,00 zł

Poison PVC Overbust Corset

308,00 zł

PVC Straight Cut Jeans

308,00 zł