Electro sex is a great way to mix it up in the bedroom. Once you’ve got your set up correct you’ll be able to explore a whole new set of sensations. Sparks will certainly fly and add a whole range of feelings from a slight tickle to more intense satisfaction. You can build your electro sex kit out as you go along. Let's go through the best way to set yourself up for full pleasure control.
The stimulator is the central piece of equipment to your electro sex experience. The stimulator will come with different programs and patterns so that you enjoy different electrical impulses throughout your experience. Play around with soft or hard impulses, slow or fast.
The stimulator works perfectly with electra pads. Connect one pad to you and one to a partner. The electrical current will run through both your bodies as you touch. The feeling is electrifyingly orgasmic as you get intimate with your partner. Shocks will grace across both your bodies in all the best places.
There are some many amazing toys to transform your electric sensations across your body. You can connect a variety of toys to achieve different sensations with your stimulator pack. Why not mix and match to make the most out of your body experience? Pinwheels are a great way to tease an electric prick across the skin. An electro sex cock ring will add a new heightened sensation to an erection. There’s so many options including nipple suckers, paddles, cock cages or scrotal loops that you can enjoy in an electro format. Why not enjoy some of your favourite toys with an electrical current through them?
You can enjoy and embrace sexual electric impulses through a wide range of insertable toys. This will be sure to immerse you in sensations that your body has never experienced before. From the inside and out! You can play with some of your favourite sex toys but in their electrical version. An electro vibrator will provide that insertability as well as massage sensation. You could also try an electro prostate massager or butt plug to electrify your butt play! An electro dildo also is a great option to bring those electrifying feelings inside. Insertables are great for electrifying solo play or adding a spark with others. Perfect for teasing and tantalising!
You can buy an Electra Kit that includes everything you need to explore electro sex.
• A stimulator will have one cable attachment that splits into 2 electrodes. The two electrodes must be connected to create the electrifying circuit. Two electrodes are required to power larger toys and will therefore just work. Smaller toys only require one electrode. You can connect two smaller toys to complete the circuit or 1 toy and an electra pad.
• There is also a Duo version that has two cables which splits into 4. This is compatible for multiple toys at once.
• We have demo kits in store where you can feel free to come and learn about electro sex. You can also contact us for help.