PVC Shorts

Leave little to the imagination with our range of tight shiny PVC shorts and hotpants. Couple with our PVC bras or tops for a complete vinyl outfit that will have heads turning no matter where you are!

PVC Shorts

PVC Shorts (15)

PVC Daisy Dukes Shorts

195,00 zł

PVC Hotpants in Black

165,00 zł

Open Crotch PVC Shorts With Trim

149,00 zł

PVC Stripper Shorts

139,00 zł

Powerwetlook Shorts

257,00 zł

PVC Hipster Buckle Hotpants

180,00 zł

Anya PVC Side Lace Hotpants

180,00 zł

Plastic Bloomers Clear

195,00 zł

PVC Front Lace Pixie Shorts

165,00 zł

High-waisted powerwetlook shorts with handmade pleats

234,00 zł

VynX Tease Mesh Briefs

126,00 zł

VynX Tie Me Briefs

247,00 zł

Wet Look High Waist Booty Shorts

129,00 zł

PVC Hotpants in Purple

129,00 zł

SkinTwo Secrets: Women's PVC Outfit

539,00 zł