Leather Dresses

Our selection of leather dresses are both flirty and domineering, so there's something to suit every style and dynamic. In a range of lengths and styles, you'll find your perfect leather dress.

Leather Dresses

Leather Dresses (13)

Roxy Mini Dress

283,00 zł

Leather Belted Beauty Dress

642,00 zł

Ilsa Leather Zip Up Leather Lycra Dress

206,00 zł

Tura Long Sleeve Dress

847,00 zł

Leather Oppressor Dress

847,00 zł

beGloss Leather Polish - Leather Cleaner 250ml

113,00 zł

Caroline Halter Dress

385,00 zł

Debbie Long Sleeve Leather Lycra Dress

165,00 zł

beGloss Special Wash Faux Leather 250ml

108,00 zł

Amber Leatherette Strap Front Dress

283,00 zł

Joplin Leather Lycra Dress

180,00 zł

Plus Size Roxy Mini Dress

283,00 zł

Leather Gladiator Dress

693,00 zł