Leather Bodies

Our leather bodies make the perfect outfit for any strict Domme who needs to make sure her orders are followed! With long- and short-sleeved styles, as well as cupless and mesh options, you can show as much or as little as you like.

Leather Bodies

Leather Bodies (12)

Leather Body with Chain Front - One Size

129,00 zł

Leather & Net Open Crotch Body - One Size

103,00 zł

Leather Side Lace & Front Zip Bondagess Body

565,00 zł

Leather Three Zip Domina Body

745,00 zł

Urania Open Bust

242,00 zł

Leather Lace-Up Cupless Teddy

231,00 zł

Madame Corset with Metal Studs

272,00 zł

Contessa Strappy Teddy

308,00 zł

Leather Studded Strappy Body - One Size

93,00 zł

Leather Thong-Back Body - One Size

231,00 zł

Daredevil Leatherette Cupless Body with Spikes - One Size

180,00 zł

Leather Net Chain Body - One Size

103,00 zł