Leather Clothing

Honour's range of garments crafted out of genuine calfskin leather are a delight to all the senses! Take seductive style to a whole new level and gaze through so many stunning items of leather fetish garments, accessories and even gorgeous leather lingerie. Bigger and better than ever and with such a wide, sensational selection, it’ll be nearly impossible to choose just one tantalizing treat among all the saucy leather delights.


Leather (174)

Leatherette Jeans

310,00 zł

Ladies Leatherette Shirt Black

336,00 zł

Leatherette Rachel Mini Skirt

171,00 zł

Leatherette Gloves Black

140,00 zł

beGloss Perfect Shine Polish Wipe - Small

73,00 zł

Leather Waist Cincher Black

336,00 zł

Leather Body with Chain Front - One Size

129,00 zł

Leather Open Crotch Pants - One Size

57,00 zł

Leather Belted Biker Bitch Catsuit

1.109,00 zł

Roxy Mini Dress

284,00 zł

Leatherette Men's Military Top

284,00 zł

Men's Leather Kilt

511,00 zł

Leatherette Men's Shorts

155,00 zł

Leatherette Classic Cut Jeans

310,00 zł

beGloss Perfect Shine Polish Wipe - Medium

109,00 zł

Leather Overbust Corset

392,00 zł

Leatherette Pencil Skirt Black

207,00 zł

Men's Leather Jeans

568,00 zł

Leather Corset With Detachable Suspender Straps

387,00 zł

Leather Snap Off Studded Jock - One Size

88,00 zł

Leatherette Lady Jeans

222,00 zł

Leatherette Zena Chain G String - One Size

99,00 zł

Leatherette Beauty Basque

248,00 zł

Leatherette Spanking Skirt

248,00 zł

Leather & Net Open Crotch Body - One Size

104,00 zł

Leatherette G String - One Size

52,00 zł

Leather Side Lace & Front Zip Bondagess Body

568,00 zł

Leatherette Open Bust Halter Buckle Corset Black

155,00 zł

Leatherette Christina Mini Skirt

171,00 zł

Leather Three Zip Domina Body

748,00 zł

Urania Open Bust

243,00 zł

Leather Studded Strappy Pouch - One Size

78,00 zł

Dolph Gladiator Kilt

258,00 zł

Havoc Lace-Up Leather Sleeveless Top

645,00 zł

Hellraiser Collar Vest

258,00 zł

Leather Laced Teaser Skirt

310,00 zł