Chastity employs the very commonly used D/s relationship, but takes it to another level, with the Dom/me having control over the subs orgasms. It can be used exclusively in the bedroom, as an addition to your C&B sessions, or employed in everyday life as much as you dare. What do you wish to get out of it - is it purely to give over control, or do you enjoy the humiliation aspect of it, and the sensation of being denied? Whatever your reasoning, we’ve put together this handy little guide to exploring and upgrading your chastity experience.

The last thing you want to do is risk any long term damage or unwanted discomfort, so finding the correct size cage is key. Many people will recommend plastic or silicone for beginners as they are lightweight and won’t cause too much strain on your genitalia. Measuring your penis is the best way to avoid damage, and find a cage that will fit you comfortably.

Many cages come with interchangeable ball rings, and if not you can often purchase them separately. The key to the ring sizing to remember is that if you are able to fit a fingertip under the base ring, you should be fine, however any more than that and it will be too big, and allow for your testes to slip out and get caught. Any smaller and it’ll add unnecessary pressure and cause the wrong kind of discomfort.


Many seasoned chastity users will have their own preferences for putting on the cage, and which lubricants, if any, to use. The general consensus seems to be that balls first is the way to go, ensuring that the base ring fits snugly, before sliding in your penis and locking it. We recommend using a water based lubricant to ease into it, but many people have found other solutions which are supposed to work just as well such as baby oil and vaseline. We’d still firmly recommend water based lube as it is designed for such occasions, but everyone has their own preference.

Don’t jump straight into wearing your device all day, all week, take your time while getting used to your device and keep an emergency key on you if you’re planning on wearing it away from your Dom/me to adjust from any chafing or ball slippages as needed. It is important to remember that regular hygiene should be adhered to, and if any unusual irritation occurs, remove the device and seek medical assistance if needed. You only have one set of cock and balls, so look after them!


Many first time chastity players will be exploring this with their partner(s), and will typically have them around a lot of the time. If you want to experience stronger denial, look into a keyholder arrangement, where a Mistress or Master will hold the key, sometimes in a different country! The way you decide to split your keys is entirely down to the parties involved, but always make sure you always have a spare key as previously mentioned, for emergencies and hygiene reasons. Chastity is a wonderful addition to any other fetish, particularly role play involving cross dressing, S&M, and Electro-sex. Some fetishes even have specific variants for chastity devices, such as the electrastim cock cage designed to keep you restrained and stimulated all at once. The vast majority of chastity cages come with a drainage hole to allow for urination, but some can be compatible with sounding equipment, such as the asylum cage.