Sadism & Masochism

Sadism and Masochism (frequently known as S&M) involves sexual pleasure from a variety of forms of physical pain; whipping, clamping, hair pulling, choking, or even emotional pain in some cases; humiliation (often through small penis humiliation) or complete submission to a dominant. The sadism aspect refers to how one can gain pleasure from the infliction of pain on others, whilst masochism is the tendency to receive pleasure from having pain inflicted upon the self. 

Sadism and Masochism

Sadism and Masochism (968)

Subservient Starter Set

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Black Bondage Tape - 20m

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Bound to Excite - All Tied Up Bed Restraint

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Leather Double Penis Gag

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HNRX ES Double Trigger Hook

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Classic Leather Riding Crop

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F-Machine Pro 4 - UK ONLY

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Silicone Inflatable Strapless Gag

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Black Rubber Hood with Eyes Nose and Mouth Holes

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HNRX ES Bondage Rubber Wrist Cuffs

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PVC Bondage Blindfold - One Size

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PVC Ring Collar

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Clover Clamps with Chain

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Open Mouth Spandex Hood - One Size

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Leather Leash

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Leather Head Harness with Ball Gag and Blindfold

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Leather Willy Whip with Rubber Tails

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Red Vinyl Bed Sheet

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Solid Red Ball Gag

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Ball Gag Training System

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Black Velvet & Leatherette Square Edged Paddle

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Monarch Noir Nipple Vice

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Sportsheets Neck & Wrist Restraint

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Master Series Detained 2.0 Chastity Cage

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Leather Buckled Hood with Lacing - One Size

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Neoprene Neck and Wrist Cuff

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Rubber Pony Tail Hood - One Size

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Teasing Wax Candles - Small - 4 Pack - Paraffin - Mixed Colours

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Moi Extreme Power Engine 2.0 F Machine - UK ONLY

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Black Label Ramp

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10m Cotton Bondage Rope in Black

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Wooden Master Cane

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Latex Rubber Collar in Black

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Nipple Chain Set

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HNRX ES Bondage Rubber Stitched Blindfold - One Size

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HNRX ES Bondage Rubber Ankle Cuffs

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